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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products – Week of 6-9-18

Our new column offers a peek at emerging products, culled from crowd-source sites like Kickstarter, PR campaigns, and industry scoops on the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Color Touch-Screen Suunto

A top-end GPS sports watch, the Spartan Ultra line from Suunto comes standard with sapphire crystal glass, a titanium (or stainless steel) bezel, and a color touch-screen visible in bright sun. It is made in Finland and includes the requisite navigation and time features, including barometric and GPS altitude sensors, tracking, digital compass, heart rate, and more. Available in July, starting at $699.

Skateboard From Fishnet

Made in California by Bureo, the Ahi skateboard is constructed from recycled fishing nets. The deck, at 27 inches long, has a gripping scale pattern. Stainless steel hardware completes the eco-cruiser board.

Kickstand Bike Pedals

Called the Pelephant, these funky oversize pedals have a fold-down arm to prop up a bike anywhere. The embedded stand is triggered by foot, easily folding out. The brand notes the main purpose of the pedals is to prop up and “show the beauty of your bike” for photos or anywhere it needs to stand alone.

A Visor For Your Tow-Behind

Add shade and shelter (and a wizard-like look) to A-frame style trailers with the PahaQue Visor. Made of durable, waterproof polyester, the visor starts at $290 and works with trailers from Aliner, Chalet, Rockwood, Starcraft, and Jayco.

App Mechanicals

Snap-on gauges and an accompanying app make this system from OTTO Design Works unique. The company calls it the first app-based derailleur tuning system of its kind. The voice-guided app “checks and guides adjustments of the rear derailleur in under 60 seconds,” the brand states.

All-Weather Camera

With a dustproof and weather-resistant body, the PENTAX K-70 from Ricoh Imaging is marketed for the outdoors. The digital SLR camera can operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F and has advanced shooting, including a mode to capture images in extremely low-light conditions. $649.95 when it comes to market next month.

Ultimate Bike Trolley

The Sentier Bike Trolley is a stainless-steel frame unit that converts from a bike trailer to a pull-behind luggage cart. It is made for travel where you will switch from two wheels to a walking pace, giving the ability to haul gear and travel goods anywhere.

Longboard In Your Pack

The Linky product is a fold-up electric longboard that comes with a backpack case. The foldable convenience does not come cheap, as upstart Linky is looking to get a minimum of 799 Euros for each powered board.

Smartwatch For Kids

The Wanderwatch is a touch-screen watch made for the outdoors, including built-in interactive outdoor games, sounds, chat features, and music. The company’s goal is to get kids to increase their outdoor time and reduce their screen time. And when little Johnny gets lost in the backyard woods? An app from the brand lets parents track their kids with GPS.

30-Day Sock

You can wear this special wool sock for more than three weeks between washes and “we guarantee there will be no smell,” the brand states. Wool Fresh socks use a wool blended with a proprietary treatment it claims significantly eliminates odors and bacteria. Buy them for $35 a pair.

Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

This in-ear Siri-sound-alike can go from encouraging fitness coach to drill sergeant based on your performance and personal history. Vi is more than just a fitness plan on audio book; it reads your vitals, tracks weather and elevation, and adapts to your performance by changing how it interacts with you according to your output. It also plays your music, answers your calls, and is (thankfully) sweat resistant. No word on if it responds to “Hal.”

Zero Gravity Racks

A simple pressure-assisted arm and rack frame comprises the Zero Gravity Racks system. They are made to stow bikes, snowboards, surfboards and other gear up and out of the way. Not yet available, the brand plans on launching a KickStarter in July to raise funds.

High-Fashion Outerwear?

Translucent fabrics, waterproof zippers, and neoprene fabrics distinguish this “luxury fashion outerwear” line from GYDA. The brand’s male and female outerwear garments are limited to 1,000 pieces each.

3-In-1 Tent

The Inti 2 tent from Cotopaxi is a backpacking shelter made to adapt. It comes with a large attachable vestibule, called an alcove, that snaps into place. That add-on has a floor and doubles sleeping and storage space. The company sells the complete kit for $325.

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