10 ‘Dirtbag’ Climbers Convert Vans into Mobile Homes

You can tell a lot about a person by taking a look into their home…or van

Climb, eat, sleep, repeat. For those that live and breath rock climbing, a home on the road is often the only way to comfortably get the most out of the lifestyle. How do the climbing diehards pull it off? By converting vans and trucks into mobile homes where they can eat and sleep when they’re off the wall.

(More images of climber van-homes on page 2 of this post)

A climbing enthusiast herself, Sarah Moore set out to capture photos of these van conversions and the climbers who embrace the lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorite creations…

—Amy Oberbroeckling

Utilizing storage keeps this van extra tidy

Van conversions come in all shapes and sizes

These climbers found space in their van for a kitchen table