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GearJunkie.com, launched in 2006, is a top online publication for product reviews and news in the outdoors world. The site contains thousands of pages of content -- gear reviews, news, travel and adventure stories, a video section, photo galleries, and giveaway contests. Gear Junkie is owned and operated by Monopoint Media LLC, a company founded in 2006.

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Stephen Regenold

Managing Editor: Sean McCoy

VP of Sales: Mike Santi

Marketing & Sales Jake Ferguson, Kyle Brown

Assistant Editors Eric Lemke, Amy Oberbroeckling, Patrick Murphy

Contributing Editors Jason Magness, T.C. Worley, Tom Puzak, Steve Graepel, Jeff Kish

Contributors/ReportersSam Salwei, Chelsey Magness, Tom Grundy, Yoon Kim, Randall Dietel, Raquel Hernández-Cruz

Technology Lead Ryan Phelan

Team GJ Athletes Justin Bakken, Kelly Brinkman, Thomas Puzak, Chelsey Magness, Molly Moilanen, Scott Erlandson, Daniel Staudigel, Andrei Karpov

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History of Gear Junkie
Gear Junkie was founded in 2002 as a newspaper column by Stephen Regenold, a Minneapolis-based journalist. The weekly column, which brings in-depth outdoors product reviews to a national consumer audience, is syndicated via a network of newspapers, magazines, and web sites to reach millions of readers each week.