'Add Your Own Scenery' Photo Contest

The goal of Merrell’s new Add Your Own Scenery promotion is to make “the world’s largest panoramic photo” and also help support public lands around the world. Not a bad theme. Here’s how it works: People upload their own photos (and type in the geographic data of where it was taken) to help build the online panorama.

Along with this, the company will donate money to the National Parks Foundation, American Hiking Society, Conservation Alliance, and other organizations — up to $250,000 total. Bonus: The most popular image in the project will entitle the photographer to a $5,000 adventure trip! Go to http://www.addyourownscenery.com for all the deets.

Posted by gnarlydog - 06/06/2011 10:33 PM

How much are your good images worth?
The chance to win $5000?
A chance in a million?
In the meantime you give away your work.
Good photographs are worth a lot of money but without reading the fine print a contestants doesn’t realize that they are donating all those images to Merrell for pretty much free.
More at: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2011/06/cheap-advertising.html

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