Fat Bike For Hunters. Meet the 'Cogburn'

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Grip the handlebars. Stow your gun on back. A new bike brand hopes to find a niche in the world of hunting.

Cogburn Outdoors is the brand name, and it’s a division of Minnesota-based Quality Bicycle Products, makers of Surly and Salsa fat-bikes.

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Cogburn bike was built for hunting

Marketed at bow and rifle hunters, the bike — called the CB4 — has a rack, big tires, and a camouflage frame (RealTree Xtra pattern). A tagline from the brand is: “We make gear for people looking to hunt, fish and forage in remote places.”

The meld of biking and hunting is interesting to us and perhaps timely. Ostensibly, the Cogburn bike is an alternative to an ATV. There’s a movement of a younger demographic of hunters that may find a non-motorized option appealing.


Silhouette studio shot. Bow and arrows fit on rear rack

The bike is meant to transport a hunter into the woods. You won’t shoot or pursue game from the saddle. Instead of hiking in many miles on trails the fat bike will let you pedal and coast the miles.

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Biking into the wilderness on a hunt

The Cogburn has an aluminum frame. It’s got disc brakes and gears and a rack. The tires are 3.8-inchers from Surly. The rims, handlebar, and cranks are a no-glare black.

Price tag is $2,199. For hunters looking to roll, the CB4 will come to market in late September, just in time for season openers across the U.S.

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Jesse - 08/12/2013 06:06 PM

What a waste of money. Gotta love the Reddit comments

Posted by Tom Knight - 08/13/2013 06:30 AM

Yah those work great but I had a hell of a time dragging my deer out with it.

Posted by wyomingowen - 08/13/2013 08:13 AM

Why spend the extra $$$!!! I’ve harvested 2 elk off my Pugsley in the last 4 years. Ever see how quick you can get your gun off your back (when it’s secure enough for riding) Way too slow. The beauty of the pugs is the wide bottom bracket. Strap a scabbard to the top tube and off you go! I put all my other gear in the front panniers, so when I spot ‘em I can be stealth in a quick dismount and get in position for a shot. Talk about quiet….Check the link, I later put tape over the reflective pannier. 4wheelers are dumb, loud and stinky! Of course you’ll need help getting out if you’re successful

Posted by lynn - 09/20/2013 10:08 PM

You can’t ride a bike in the wilderness.

Posted by John Dodd - 12/10/2013 10:59 PM

It’s funny seeing posts by people that know nothing about what they are commenting on. The capabilities of this type of bike are incredibly more wide than a regular mtn bike. Of trail these bikes rule.

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