Kahtoola MICROSpikes

Who will be the first person to climb Mount Rainier or its ilk in Kahtoola’s new MICROSpikes? These are kind of pedestrian crampons. But with 10 spikes, each one 3/8-inch long, and made of stainless steel, the Kahtoola MICROSpikes could do real work paired with hiking boots or waterproof trail-running shoes to provide traction on snow and ice.

And they’re so packable and light that people (me, for example) will be real tempted to try and use them in lieu of bulky normal crampons for easy mountaineering. Indeed, they fold in and ball up small enough to keep in a jacket pocket. Total weight: 12.5 ounces per pair!


I climbed Rainier in a pair of the company’s KTS crampons two summers back. (Here’s that review: http://thegearjunkie.com/kahtoola-kts-crampons) But the MICROSpikes, which debuted at the OR Show earlier this month and will be available for $59 in mid October, are even more feathery.

They’re essentially a rubber ring—the “shoe harness”—plus a stainless steel chain with spikes. The whole thing laid out looks like something I’d use to secure my Weimaraner while on a run.


I put them on last night and tromped around some, and the system seems solid. A “shoe harness” made of a stretchy rubber flexes as you step in, then cinches tight. There are no buckles or straps, so they go on quick and fit clean.

Beyond stupid things like Rainier, these spikes would be perfect for wintertime trail running, or even just shoveling the sidewalk.


They come in four sizes—from extra small to large—fitting a unisex size range from youth 1 to adult 14. MICROSpikes stretch to accommodate all kinds of footwear, including running shoes, lightweight hikers, everyday shoes and snow boots.

It’s only August, but I’m psyched for the snow to fall so I can try mine out. . .

Price: $59
Available: Oct. 15, 2007
Contact: www.kahtoola.com

Posted by Ken - 07/23/2009 10:11 PM

Can these be worn on boots or are they a good fit, and actually stay on, only for running shoes?

Posted by Doug Van Etten - 10/02/2009 01:03 PM

I use them in Alaska for snow, ice and even on steep muddy trails or wet/ icy tundra. These things are ‘thee best’.

Posted by Bob - 10/15/2009 10:17 AM

These can be worn over boots. I wear them over my Merrell Thermo 6 winter hiking boots all the time.

Posted by Josua - 11/17/2009 05:28 PM

Here’s an interesting variation on Micro-Spikes. Note the plates.

Posted by Tom - 11/12/2010 06:33 AM

Bought these to use while delivering mail, which is about 14 miles and a few thousand steps. Snow or ice is no problem. These will give you the confidence of a billy goat.

Posted by Brad - 01/14/2011 10:50 AM

I bought a set from Amazon just before the Atlanta snow storm. After being stuck in the house for two days, I ran(walked) to work (11mi RT) on the third day with these on. It was a workout in +4” snow but super safe on the ice. Never a worry about slipping or falling.

Posted by Thurston - 02/01/2011 03:43 PM

I went flyfishing with felt sole wading boots down a 100 foot canyon in the winter. I struggled to get 30 feet back up the canyon, the remaining very steep 70 feet would have been impossible until I borrowed the micro spikes from the “last guy out”. Whew! saved my hide.

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