Greatest Gear for 2014: 'Best in Show' Award Winners

Power From Water — Pour in H2O. Get electricity out of a USB cord. That’s the simple and amazing premise of the myFC PowerTrekk, a $229.99 device distributed by Industrial Revolution.

power trekk.jpg

It works with power-generating “pucks,” which are small aluminum modules filled with a chemical called sodium silicide. The company explains, “Water reacts with the sodium silicide to produce heat and an inert mineral called sodium silicate. Hydrogen from the water is unused in this process and is released for consumption by the fuel cell.”

The result is an electricity-making “clean-energy hydrogen conversion process” that then lets campers plug in and charge a phone, camera, or other device. A single puck lasts up to 3 hours and produces 2.5 watts at 5 volts, which is enough to charge a device at the same rate as a wall power outlet, the brand cites.

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