'Survival Knife' has Light, Blade and Whistle


A blade, a light, and a whistle — that’s the formula for the Core Lite, a hybrid “survival tool” made by Adventure Medical Kits of Oakland, Calif. The company, known for its first-aid kits, also has a line of survival products, and the Core Lite is a new and unique addition for outdoors types looking to stay prepared for worst cases in the woods.

The Core Lite’s short steel blade comes sharp enough to razor off arm hair. Its edge, just over 2 inches long, is touted to be able to cut wet tree bark to “expose dry inner wood” as well as be used for “notching and grooving branches” if you need to construct a shelter.

amk survival knife.jpg

Tiny “survival tool” knife weighs just 1.4 ounces

In reality, your wooden wigwam would be a tough build with this little blade. It’s sharp and usable for any small task, though in my test the drop-point blade did not scream “durability” in use. Gripping the knife’s plastic handle and working the edge in wood I could see and feel the locked-off blade shifting subtly from side to side.

The whistle and the light, a small single L.E.D., are similarly mediocre. Touted to blast 100 decibels of sound, I found the whistle, which is integrated into the end of the handle, to be quieter than most of the standalone outdoors-oriented whistles on my gear shelf.

Need some light? A rubber button next to the blade turns the L.E.D. on. It shines a bluish cloud and can light up a camp kitchen for cooking or a trail during an easy hike. But if there’s a noisy bump outside the tent grab your real flashlight instead to cut a beam into the night.

amk survival knife with light.jpg

Small L.E.D. can illuminate a camp site or a hiking path

All negatives aside, the Core Lite is fine for most tasks. Its integrated nature — blade, whistle, light — works fine, and the unit is lightweight enough to go unnoticed in a pocket or pack. It measures just 1.4 ounces on my scale.

For $25, Adventure Medical Kits’ knife is not a bad deal. Just know its limitations and don’t fool yourself with a feathery survival tool that may be too “lite” for the job.

—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of www.gearjunkie.com. Connect with Regenold at Facebook.com/TheGearJunkie or on Twitter via @TheGearJunkie.

Posted by Paulo - 10/06/2011 07:48 AM

thanks for the honest review!

Posted by Lin Ai - 10/06/2011 08:21 AM

A similar, but probably more durable, tool is the ToolLogic SL Pro 2 (or SLP2). Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Tool-Logic-SLP2-Flashlight-Magnesium/dp/B00140QD38/

Posted by Luke - 10/06/2011 11:42 AM

The biggest problem is that the light can easily be turned on when the knife is in a pack or pocket. My battery is already dead due to this.

Posted by Jordan - 10/06/2011 11:53 AM

This looks really neat, even if the light turns on by accident…

Posted by Mike P - 10/06/2011 12:35 PM

I was given one of these at SHOT Show this past year and while I like it, it’s not one I want to carry every day or in a true survival situation. Although, if this is the only knife you have then it’s totally fine.

I carry a Benchmade Mini Griptilian in my pocket every day and a SureFire G2X Pro in my bag every day.

You said it best in this writeup when you said ‘Just know its limitations and don’t fool yourself…’ That’s the key.

But hey, it makes a good stocking stuffer and would go well in the glove box or office desk drawer. After all, the best knife is the one that’s on you.

Posted by Mark - 10/06/2011 12:38 PM

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Posted by Dale - 10/06/2011 01:22 PM

This looks like it would be perfect for a key chain… except there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to attach it to a key ring…. that sucks

Posted by jeffzx9 - 10/06/2011 03:07 PM

OMG, this will be in the Christmas stocking of every “rugged outdoorsman” wannabe. Why does Crocodile Dundee come to mind?

Posted by gnarlydog - 10/10/2011 09:23 PM

I MUST have one! The ultimate tool to survive my danger filled environment where my life would be over if I didn’t have this knife.
That whistle is totally essential to call for help from my cat.
And the light will help me find the remote that has fallen in the crack of the couch.
I hope that blade will stay sharp and slice open that stubborn packet of Ding Dongs.
Core man.
To be worn at all times when camo facepaint is applied.

Posted by Dan - 12/30/2011 02:22 PM

This is a pretty interesting concept, but seems kinda hokey in execution. With these kinds of tools you tend to compromise a lot. Could be good in the bottom of a purse but I’d just as soon carry a standalone light, knife and whistle. Then again, that is just me – I could see how having one of these wouldn’t hurt.

Dan @ BladeReviews

Posted by Tom - 06/21/2012 07:14 AM

I found this site because you were ranked #2 on Outdoors. Personally, I think your reviews are far better than Gear Lab. I’m trying to start out my own outdoors blog. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from you guys!

Posted by Tim - 03/24/2013 04:24 PM

Find a bunch of survival items including this one direct at Outdoorshopping.com.
You will definitely not be disappointed. I planned out my camping trip with them and they were super.

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