The Jimi Wallet

After riding a self-proclaimed “Frankenbike” around the streets of San Francisco for several years, Mike O’Neill designed a new take on the stodgy old “Costanza” wallet. His plastic wallet—called the Jimi—is one that you can throw in your bike jersey, or your pants, as it’s slim and unobtrusive.

And if you get a bit frisky and sweat through your shirt, your cash will not get soggy.


O’Neill says to think of the Jimi as a more robust, stylish and greener version of the ubiquitous snack-sized Ziploc bag. Good to stash a license, credit cards, and a little cash, just the essentials and nothing more.

Indeed, the company slogan is “The Wallet for People Who Hate Wallets.” It’s about 9/16 of an inch thick and a smidge taller than a credit card. There’s an integrated money clip, which is removable for times when you only want to bring cash.

Bonus: The Jimi wallet is also a recycled/recyclable product that’s made in the USA and sold in bike stores around the country.

Cost is $14.95.

See more at Mr. Smith Inc.,

Posted by Sara - 05/01/2008 11:27 AM

Wow – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for hooking the car keys to and clipping to the key hook in my pack (looks like there’s a hole for that) and carrying my id, credit card and insurance card while on climbing trips. Thanks for spreading the word!

Posted by Captaingranitic - 05/01/2008 02:36 PM

I have been using a Jimi for several years now. I will never go back to a wallet, ever. Need better distribution though….don’t see them too many places and I live in SoCal, where Mr. Smith hails from (I believe).

Jimi On

Captain G

Posted by Schda - 05/14/2008 02:11 PM

I had one of these for about 6 or 7 months and it was kinda neat, got plenty of people asking where I purchased it. I must not have had the best luck as part of the money clip on mine broke within the first week, it still worked, but it ended up gouging the heck out of my credit card that I stored there. And eventually the clip that ends up closing it broke and so I stopped using it. It was a neat idea for a wallet and was pretty convenient, just wished it was a bit more durable.

Posted by Drew - 02/07/2010 10:25 PM

Have not tried the Jimi, but I did just buy a new wallet band – the Bandit Wallet . Love it! It’s made with fabric that is smooth on the outside and rubber on the inside.

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