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See It Here First: Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer

GearJunkie has the scoop on the latest from Mammoth Overland. Let us introduce you to the Tall Boy Genesis Edition camper trailer.
Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer(Photo/Mammoth Overland)
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Want a camper trailer that can sleep four adults, has a full bathroom, and is seriously off-road capable? If so, the Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Genesis Edition might just be for you.

Last year, it was the ELE (Extinction-Level Event) trailer. This year, it’s the Tall Boy Genesis Edition trailer. Mammoth Overland is on a roll, creating some truly interesting off-road capable and highly optioned camper trailers.

Mammoth Overland trailers are made in Woodinville, Wash. The company is a subsidiary of Vashon Aircraft, with aerospace construction techniques and technologies built into every trailer.

“As a teen growing up in Montana, I explored on foot places that most people couldn’t. I always lamented that more families couldn’t experience these places,” said Mammoth Overland President Scott Taylor. “We gave Tall Boy 22 inches of ground clearance, so that families could confidently and comfortably access parts of our country typically off limits to off-road trailers. Tall Boy combines the durability of our HV and ELE trailers with the amenities and spaciousness of home.”

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Genesis Edition

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
(Photo/Mammoth Overland)

At 9 feet tall and 2,900 pounds, I wouldn’t call the Tall Boy a small trailer. But, it can be towed by a wide range of vehicles.

The Tall Boy has a steel frame and aluminum body, with an R5 insulation value.

Layout-wise, the Tall Boy trailer packs a lot in a relatively small space, emphasizing interior sleeping comfort for up to four adults. As you walk into the camper’s rear entry, you get two bunk beds on your left and a full bathroom on your right. The short central hallway leads to an indoor/outdoor pantry just past the bathroom and the front of the camper, which is entirely a king-size bed.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Massive natural light; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

Two massive tilt-out windows, with retractable privacy shades and bug screens — one on each side of the camper — provide great views outside from the big bed. A Dickenson Marine Newport Explorer propane fireplace in the corner above the big bed provides some ambiance and plenty of heat in the trailer for even the coldest nights. A roof-mounted vent fan over the bed and in the hallway should help control the climate in the camper.

Inside Living Quarters

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
King-size bed; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

This entire camper was designed around a king-size mattress, just like the Mammoth Overland HV and ELE trailers that came before it. This big forward bed has big views out the side windows and a propane fireplace over it.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Top bunk; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

Two bunk beds comfortably sleep people up to 6’2″, so they are great for kids and friends alike. The top bunk gets porthole-like windows and folds down to create a couch-like sitting area.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Sink in bathroom; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

A full-featured bathroom is a standout feature in the Tall Boy camper trailer. It offers a shower, sink, and toilet. The cassette toilet is easy to move around, which allows for a much more spacious shower area when the toilet is moved out of the bathroom area. An instant hot water system fed by a 50-gallon fresh water tank can make for luxurious backcountry showers.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Cartridge toilet; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

Outside the Tall Boy

A fold-out kitchen keeps cooking outside, while the dual-entry pantry allows food access inside and out. The Tall Boy’s kitchen has a sink, a dual-burner propane stove, and a 42-quart fridge.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Exterior pull-out kitchen; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

A 270-degree 23 Zero awning covers both the kitchen and the two-piece door and fold-down stairs. The awning is mounted to a roof rack rated to hold 1,000 pounds static and 500 pounds dynamic — which is a lot. Access to the roof is easy with a front-mounted ladder.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Interior/exterior pantry; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

The Tall Boy camper trailer is powered by 400Ah worth of Renogy lithium batteries. Recharging can happen on the go through the tow vehicle’s alternator or by two 100W Renogy flexible solar panels when at camp. USB ports throughout the trailer, interior selectable color LED light strips, a variety of interior and exterior LED lights, a 24-inch TV, and the fridge are powered off the system.

Off-Road Capability

Off-grid remote camping capability is built into the Mammoth Overland Tall Boy camper in all regards. A dual independent-axle system and 33-inch all-terrain tires — mounted on 17-inch wheels — provide a massive 22 inches of ground clearance.

On the front of the camper are mounted two full-size spare tires, Maxtrax, a Hi-Lift, a shovel, a propane tank, and RotopaX fuel cans. An exterior MOLLE panel also allows you to mount just about whatever else you might want for your adventures as well.

A relatively short tongue, forward body protection/rock sliders, and a truly impressive departure angle combine to allow this trailer to be dragged through just about any terrain it will fit through.

Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Off-Road Camper Trailer
Under-camper storage; (photo/Mammoth Overland)

Tall Boy Genesis Edition: Pricing & Availability

Mammoth Overland will start taking deposits on the Tall Boy Genesis Edition trailers on Friday, May 10. The cost of one of these trailers is $72,000.

Only 10 Tall Boy Genesis Edition trailers will be made. They are the fully loaded version of the trailer. Future versions will be available at a lower price point, with a host of options and upgrades available.

Delivery of the first Mammoth Overland Tall Boy Genesis Edition trailers will start in the last quarter of this year.

The trailer will make its public debut at Overland Expo West 2024. You can check it out in person from May 17 to 19 in Flagstaff, Ariz.

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