Zinetic Pocket Slippers

Zinetic Pocket Slippers—“unisex pocket slippers for the outdoors”—weigh about a half-pound per pair and roll up tight and small for stuffing away in the bottom of a pack. Or, as the name portends, shove them in a parka pocket.

These slippers, which come in six sizes (XS to XXL) and cost $24.99 a pair, were invented to be worn in lieu of the heavy and clunky footwear often accompanying outdoorsy types.

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Say you’re skiing Jackson Hole and want to take a long lunch in the Teton Village chalet complex at the base of the (former) tram. Simply remove the Zinetic Pocket Slippers from your, well, pocket, and switch out your creaky, 8-pound alpine boots for these lithe ballet pads.

Same goes for hostels during travel; backcountry campsites on the PCT or AT; Nordic ski lodges; and yurts deep in the San Juans. That kind of thing.

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I tried out a pair of Olive XXL’s, and the slippers were way big on my size 12.5 feet. The company charts men’s size 11 and 12 as deserving of the XXL, but this is wrong. They’re literally falling off my feet as I walk around.

They weigh about 8 ounces a pair, depending on size. This is on the heavy side for ultra-light backpackers, though for most other pursuits it’d be an acceptable—if unnoticeable—addition in a backpack.

The slippers have a meshy top and a hard rubber sole that rolls up small and tight. They’re waterproof on the sole, though your feet get wet tromping in snow, puddles or mud. Comfort-wise, they provide essentially no support, just a thin sheen of rubber with some minimal tread between your toes and the earth.

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Price: $24.99

Contact: Zinetic Inc., www.pocketslippers.com

Posted by Tom from AZ - 06/11/2009 09:57 AM

I just got my pair for an upcoming weeklong backpacking trip in June/July. I don’t know how this father/daughter team came up with the sizing chart, but it is way off. I normally wear a size 10.5 shoe so I decided to get a Men’s Large (company’s sizing chart says I should get an XL). Even with downsizing, it is a little big. If I would have to order another one, I would order a Men’s Medium. If I was just using them to walk around camp, then a Large is acceptable. However, without socks on, they are still a little loose and I would be worried about loosing them in a swift moving water crossing. There is no elastic in the upper part, so I can easily see them coming off. With socks on, they are a little tighter, but I still have about 1/4” of room at the end of my big toe. I will either try to sew some elastic on them or take some Velcro straps. If you don’t mind it a little loose, downsize one. If you want it snug, I would downsize two. (I just hope they don’t change their sizing chart!).

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