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This ‘Adventure Journal’ Belongs in Your Backpack

Our friends at Adventure Journal just launched a very cool pocket journal for your daily adventures. It has some extra features that make it a worthy tool in the field.

Pocket journals are super handy. I personally like to keep them in my car, backpack, and even hunting vest. I take notes, jot down story ideas, or occasionally have been known to rip a page out and stick a note under a buddy’s windshield wiper in a pinch.


So it’s fitting that the publication Adventure Journal just launched its very own branded pocket journals. Better yet, it has a solid sustainability story behind it.

Adventure Journals: A Gift (Maybe for Yourself)

A pack of three Adventure Journals sells for $13. Each has 48 dot-grid pages.

Printed in the U.S. on Forest Stewardship Council paper, even the journals’ ink is soy-based. And for every three journals sold, Adventure Journal will plant a tree.

Beyond sustainability, this journal has a few handy bonus features. First, it has a ruler in both inches and centimeters. This could come in really handy for both map navigation and checking to see if that fish is legal to become dinner.

It also has a few other useful conversions (miles to kilometers, Fahrenheit to Celcius) and a guide for estimating windspeed right on the back cover.

At $13, this is a great little stocking stuffer or gift for yourself. Check them out at

Sean McCoy

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