Climbing Slovenia's Tallest Mountain By Via Ferrata

The locals say that you’re not a true Slovenian until you’ve climbed Mt. Triglav, but first we had to find Slovenia on a map.

We had set out to find the most interesting climb possible by via ferrata, a system of cables and iron placements popular in Europe that allow amateur climbers to attain some truly intense heights. We settled on Slovenia’s Mt. Triglav because it offered a real objective: we’d be able to summit the highest peak in Slovenia, a mountain so important to the country that they put it on their flag.

We knew very little about this corner of Europe, so we turned it into a road trip, with stops in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia.

Over the course of ten days, we never stopped moving, whether hiking, climbing, driving, or working our way through customs. And, of course, we filmed the whole thing.