Public Service Announcement: Bangor Police Have Sense Of Humor

Public Service Announcement: Bangor Police Have Sense Of Humor

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At least one person at the Bangor, Maine, Police Department definitely has a sense of humor.

With summer cycling season kicking into high gear, the Bangor PD public relations team put up this photo and accompanying text on their Facebook page on Monday. It’s a good message that we’re glad to share, along with this goofy photo.

However, it’s the footnote that really made me giggle. —Sean McCoy

From the Bangor Police Department:
We have been advised that warmer weather is here. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. However, in the last week we have seen a larger number of bicyclists traveling in and around Bangor. Remember it is the duty of the operator of a motor vehicle to exercise DUE CARE when passing a bicycle by leaving a distance of not less than three feet between themselves and the bicycle or roller skier as they pass. State of Maine law states clearly that a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle (or roller skier) is prima facie evidence of a violation of Title 29A Subsection 2070.

FOOTNOTE: Since photos of motorists obeying the law are never “liked” on Facebook, it was decided (by me) to post a photo of two bicyclists enjoying themselves. It just seems appropriate. We have no photos of Roller Skiers enjoying themselves yet. Have a safe Monday!

Sean McCoy
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