An Ode to Crust Bike’s Romanceur, From the Designer Himself

The Crust Romanceur’s creator masterminded it to facilitate everyday rides in a ‘whimsical’ manner. (His word, not ours.)

If the texture of any bike ride is a matter of “whimsy,” Ron is the guy to push the pedals. In this clip, the quirky handmade kit sewer gets intimate with us and his beloved Crust Romanceur touring bike.

Hailing from Connecticut, the “country of nut butter” and maple syrup, Ron’s unique personality almost outshines his bike. Regardless, expect to learn the finer points of the bike and its components, and absorb a strong dose of weirdness from its rider.

When was the last time you talked to somebody who self-identified as “your favorite sultan of cycling sensuality”? We’re guessing never — just another reason Ron and his bike are both one of a kind.

Runtime: 7 minutes

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