‘Dirtbag Bike Rack’ is Cheapest Ever Sold ($13!)

Billed as the world’s least expensive bike rack, the Dirtbag from Küat Racks costs just $13. They attach to car roofs, pickup truck beds, or any creative place you can imagine.

Yes, you can ghetto these onto your old Subaru’s roof. Who needs cross bars! Though we doubt the company advocates this, and if you do pull off the roof mount be sure and use some rubber gaskets or silicone caulk to make the drilled holes leak-proof.

$13 bike mount from Küat

Not truly a bike “rack,” the Dirtbag is a simple metal piece on which a bike fork mounts. You remove the front wheel and use your bike’s skewer to secure it on, twisting the skewer and clamping the frame on tight just like when it’s on a wheel.

The Dirtbag mounts can be bolted anywhere, on vehicles and other moving objects (boats, perhaps?) or in a garage or attic for bike storage. They are made of steel and fit any standard road or mountain bike fork size.

The mount is sold on Kuatracks.com and shipping this week to Küat Racks dealers around the USA.

—Stephen Regenold

Dirtbag mounted in pickup truck bed

Stephen Regenold

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