Mountain Bike Flight: Brandon Semenuk Rips in ‘Light Speed’

You’ll want to take a deep breath before watching this mountain biking video.

It starts quiet, then the sound kicks in. The music is pumping, and the jumps are high. Mountain biker Brandon Semenuk crunches gravel, pushing at a lightning speed. The shot list flicks past in sync with the rider’s quick cadence.

He hits a few jumps in a row, doing kick-throughs and suicide no-handers and a bunch of other professional tricks as he whizzes over the terrain.

Whoever said mountain biking was easy hasn’t seen this. At one point, you can’t even tell which tire is hitting the ground — or where, for that matter. At every turn or jump, he’s letting go, pushing the boundaries, and flying. If you have the guts to watch the whole thing, you won’t be disappointed.

About the rider: Brandon Semenuk is a freeriding twentysomething from Whistler, Canada. He’s a three-time FMB World Tour gold medalist and only the second person to win Red Bull Rampage three times.

“Light Speed” is a Red Bull TV and Revel Co. Film production filmed in Hakuba Valley Japan.

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