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Transformer E-Bike: Look’s New Gravel Grinder Has Removable Motor, Battery

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Hook up the battery, and it’s an e-bike. Remove it, and you’re on a standard bike that’s 7 pounds lighter. Soon, only you will know if you’re pedaling hills on your own or with extra power.

E-bikes dominated at Sea Otter 2019, and most of them were portly and overweight. But not Look’s E-765 performance gravel bike, which blended right in with the race-ready, non-assist gravel bikes the brand was also launching.

The E-765 uses a compact, removable Fazua motor/battery system integrated into the downtube. It makes the downtube slightly oversized, but this bike doesn’t scream “e-bike.”

Look E-765: The Breakdown

Look E-765 electric gravel bike

It’s a really nice bike. The frame uses both medium- and high-modulus carbon, with most of the same features on its non-assist sister bike. The race-ready 765 Gravel RS bike (€4,499; $5,024) includes seatstays shaped for off-road comfort and an integrated Direct Drive stem and headset for precision handling.

Fazua’s battery system looks like part of the downtube. The power pack and driver add around 10 pounds to the bike’s overall weight. In total, the entire machine weighs under 30 pounds. Fazua’s system will assist riders up to 15.5 mph, which is less assist than many commuter-style e-bikes. You can select four modes through the handlebar-mounted remote in tandem with the compatible app. Options include a 400W “rocket mode.” And the app also lets riders know their range and provides GPS navigation, speed, battery metrics, and temperature readings.

Look E-765

On zero-assistance mode, or when you’re rolling faster than the assist, the system purports minimal resistance. I haven’t tested this bike yet. But I was told the pedaling sensation feels just like a non-assisted bike.

E-765: Removable Battery, Motor

That’s all great stuff. But the coolest thing about the E-765 is that with the push of a button you can remove the battery/motor system from the downtube. Once that’s out, you have the option to click in a hollow dummy system that can also hold a jacket, snacks, and tools. And when you unclip the battery and motor, you’ve removed around 7.5 pounds from your rig. You’re now pedaling an ordinary gravel bike.

Look E-765 Electric Bike: The Future Is Here

Look E-765

In the next 5 years, there’s a strong possibility that the majority of bikes will be offered with some kind of pedal assist. And when you’re getting passed by another cyclist, you likely won’t be able to tell if they’re getting a battery-powered boost or if they’re just that fast. Since 2015, some Tour de France riders have been accused of “motor doping” with hidden batteries. That kind of invisible tech can now be yours — albeit for a hefty price.

Look’s E-765 Gravel bike will be available in two builds: one with a SRAM Force groupset and the other with a Rival 1x groupset. The bikes will be immediately available in Europe before a rollout to other territories in the near future. They come to market in fall 2019.

Look is still working on U.S. pricing. In Europe, the Gravel Force 1x bike will retail for €6,499 ($7,257) and the Gravel Rival 1x for €5,799 ($6,475).

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