Bikes To Race On Precipitous, Frozen Track At Red Bull ‘Crashed Ice’ Event

Framed Bikes Team Riders “Big Boss Buck” and Matt “Fifth Gear” Ford at Red Bull Crashed Ice

If you’ve seen Red Bull Crashed Ice, you know it’s pretty nuts — basically speed skating taken to a whole new level on a steep, narrow and winding track.

The below video explains the wild course.

Competitors, often former or current hockey players, skate through a gauntlet of steep drops, jumps, banks and even wall rides. It’s intense and the crashes are pretty much constant.

Matt Ford drops in at the start of the Crashed Ice course

Well, this year’s event features a bike race on the St. Paul, Minn., ice course.

That’s right, cyclists will race on the same ice track used by the skaters.

Crashed Ice skate racers compete in 2013; photo Red Bull Crashed Ice

“There’s no way I’d ride that course,” said Davin Johnson of Framed Bikes, whose team racer, Matt Ford, will be rocking the course on the band’s Minnesota 2.0 fat bike.

The race kicks off at 7 p.m. in St. Paul and is streamed live for international audiences. The stream is geo-blocked, however, and it won’t be available in the U.S., where it will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 on Monday, February 24, beginning at 9.30pm (ET)/6.30pm (PT).

The bike races will be intermingled amid skating events. Stay tuned for an update about this crazy new race soon. —Sean McCoy

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