Bikes, Berms, Burritos: The Spirit of SoCal Cycling

We like these riders’ style.

What is the CLLCTV? It’s more than a community team of riders. Yes, there are pros — like Braydon Bringhurst, Luca Cometti, and Dante Silva. But even the pros like to goof on their home trails and eat burritos. From what it looks like, it’s a mindset. 

“[It’s for] anyone who is obsessed with bikes, with staying out too late, pedaling further than is wise and blowing off work, school, good hygiene, and common sense in pursuit of that perfect line,” Canyon Bicycles wrote in the series description.

And with the inception of the new video series, you’re invited to join in.

In this episode, riders Braydon Bringhurst, Luca Cometti, and Dante Silva take on the dirt trails of SoCal.

Video by Taylor Sage.

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