The Coolest Camping Van You Can't Buy In The USA

The Danbury Doubleback has been around for a couple years, but if you live in the USA there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of it — because you can’t buy one.

The Doubleback is based on the VW Transporter, which is not available for sale in the United States. The slick conversion adds a new dimension to a pop-up, namely, “pop-out.”

Not only does the camper van open upwards, but a “pod” slides out the rear electronically, adding about six feet to the length of the vehicle while stationary.

The company claims the extension pod, constructed of aircraft industry standard materials that are both durable and light, weighs in at just 300 pounds and can hold more than 1,300 pounds with the legs down.

The Danbury Doubleback can be built with four or five seat configurations and has a fully equipped kitchen. Maybe best of all, powered by Volkswagen’s 2.0-liter turbo diesel, the vehicle gets more than 36 miles per gallon.

The Doubleback retails for about £55,000 in the UK (US$94,000). While you can’t get one in North America, it’s a cool design that would be fun to see applied to vans available in the states.

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