Nest Cam: Eagle Chicks Hatched On Streaming Video - Watch Live

Nest Cam: Eagle Chicks Hatched On Streaming Video – Watch Live

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Last month we posted a story about a pair of nesting eagles watched by streaming video. At the time, the pair had laid a pair of eggs.

Well, the eggs have hatched!

Two chicks can now be seen in the nest (when the parents aren’t keeping them warm) at the streaming site maintained by the Minnesota Department of National Resources. They began to hatch on March 23 and both had completely emerged by March 26.

The parents seem to be doing a good job capturing food, with pieces of a catfish and pigeon clearly visible in the nest.

As reported by the MN DNR: “On Sunday the 23rd, we saw the first pip (small hole in the egg). On Monday, the hole got a little bigger and we could see the chick moving around inside of the egg. By early Tuesday morning there was a chick!! Yesterday, as the parents were teaching the young one to accept food, we could see the second egg with a pip. This morning, the second egg hatched! With the cold weather, we have not gotten a good look at the second one, since mom and dad are keeping their little family very warm. We are so grateful that they learned to become good parents.”

Check back at the site to watch the chicks grow up. More information can be seen at the MN DNR’s Facebook page. —Sean McCoy

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