Running to Beat 3 Big Records: ‘Davide’s Way Against the Clock’

Think setting a new record is nerve-wracking? Try besting your childhood idol in the process.

For Davide Magnini, “challenge” has a whole new meaning. In 2020, his idol — Italian runner Marco De Gasperi — challenged him to break a record. And it was a record De Gasperi himself had set. This film recounts Magnini’s effort through the challenge.

“Marco De Gasperi is a really good friend, but [also] a real legend,” Magnini explained. Back when De Gasperi set the record, Magnini would stay up late watching videos of his idol’s sensational effort.

The Ortles route is on the Ortles peak, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps outside the Bernina Range, and sits more than 12,000 feet above sea level. And it requires 6,562 feet of elevation gain. It normally takes mountaineers 1-2 days.

The 2015 record to break? 2 hours, 36 minutes, and 49 seconds. 

Due to COVID-19 and canceled races, Magnini decided to spend 2020 breaking records on three iconic courses. In Episode 1 of this series, Magnini tries to break the Stelvio Pass record. In Episode 2, he runs the Presanella route. In this third episode, he’ll face the ultimate challenge — trying to break a record his idol set.

This is Episode 3 in the Salomon TV series. Watch the other episodes here.

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