‘DIRT’ Docuseries: Forager Finds Culinary Contact With Wild Ingredients

From truffle hunting in the Pacific Northwest to swamp fishing in the bayou, adventure meets cuisine in a new docuseries from Huckberry.

Prepare for a double dose of envy. Whether it’s chilling in a jacuzzi among snow-covered aspens or fishing for crawdads outside New Orleans, a new YouTube series delivers on both adventurous eating and dirt-covered hijinks.

Huckberry’s YouTube channel has released two episodes of a new series of documentaries called “DIRT.” Seattle native Josh Rosen hosts the show, bringing the childhood love of foraging for food that he learned from his father.

The first two episodes follow Rosen’s foraging adventures in Seattle and NOLA, and each one ends with a feast fit for kings. It’s impossible not to see the impact from the late, great Anthony Bourdain, whose focus on cultural exchange over saccharine positivity has become the new model for shows like this.

If you’re still hungry for more after the first episode, check out the second one on Huckberry’s YouTube channel.

Runtime: 14.5 minutes

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