Google ‘Sheep-View’… Faroe Islands’ Mapping Secret

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Google StreetView can virtually take you into almost any corner of the world. But not in the Faroe Islands. One intrepid resident of the Dutch-owned island nation took matters into her own hands with a solar-powered 360 camera and some obliging sheep.

Durita Dahl Andreassen’s attempt to bring Google back to the 18-island nation and properly map it is as hilarious as it is impressive.

google sheep view 360

“Sheep View 360” is interactive; you can swivel the camera in any direction by clicking and dragging on the screen, following along as five sheep traverse the countryside.

While Andreassen hopes #WeWantGoogleStreetView wiil result in a proper mapping of her home, we kind of prefer the wild perspective Sheep View 360 offers. Giddyup!