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CBD Athlete’s Guide: When & How to Use Different Forms of Cannabidiol

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There are many chapters in the athlete’s bible: hydration, recovery, healthy diet, correct training, etc. But now a new one is being written — CBD. Short for ‘cannabidiol,’ CBD is long on potential benefits.

There are a variety of uses and ways to take this supplement. Although still being researched, CBD is showing success in helping with stress, soreness, and recovery as well as improving rest, relaxation, and clarity.

So if you’re sore, swollen, and unrested, read on to find the best CBD fit for your activity and engagement level. And if you’re interested in trying CBD head over to cbdMD and use code GEAR for 20 percent off your order!


Why CBD?

There are many advantages to taking CBD, which has a wide range of applications. You might reach for CBD to push through the grueling aspects of physical training by maintaining focus and supporting overall recovery. Many times, someone starts taking CBD for one issue and finds that a host of other issues may experience positive results.

Are you worried about the risks of over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)? You should be. Many athletes find NSAIDs hamper performance and recovery, damaging their livers in the process.


One common reason athletes stop activity is due to gut discomfort. Long days on the trail are no fun if your gut is giving your trouble. CBD may help bring order to the imbalances found within the body.

Brand cbdMD offers a full suite of CBD products that may aid in the prevention or removal of these discomforts. Its CBD oil can be an excellent choice for those seeking natural relief outside of the use of NSAIDs or other prescribed options. To produce superior CBD products, cbdMD implements state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ensuring customers receive the best of the crop.

Athletic Benefits of CBD

A well-rested athlete is a better athlete. Your body regenerates during sleep so that you wake up refreshed, with the energy needed to take on physical challenges. When you don’t get it, you experience fatigue and low performance. CBD can help you quickly catch some Z’s and have more restful, quality sleep.

Further, you know how limiting it is to perform when you lack energy due to an overwhelming feeling of stress. Injuries are more likely to happen when you are stressed and unfocused. Being able to complement both the physical, mental, and emotional components of exercise and exertion uniquely positions CBD as a way to support a healthy lifestyle.

Many athletes suffer from discomfort, aches, and stiffness. Combining CBD with many of the same activities used to prevent performance soreness (foam rolling, stretching, massaging, etc.) may result in improved bodily function. Having a targeted, topical relief can be your lifesaver.

How to Use CBD

Start small. Everyone reacts differently to the amount and delivery of CBD, so go with a smaller amount of CBD to see how your body responds. Topicals are more immediate whereas digested CBD may take longer. A great choice would be a cbdMD Bath Bomb, which helps you calm and center yourself following your activity.

Anyone climbing or hiking can relate to sore shoulders, tired feet (hello plantar fascia pain), and lower back discomfort. Doesn’t a bath always sound good after that? Make that soak CBD-infused for a more effective way to steep away the stress.


Are topicals or digestives a better choice for you? Think of it in terms of time — immediate, preventive, long-term, or short-term. Topicals deliver effective relief when and where you need it most. Anything that you digest takes time, but has the sustained benefits.

Below is a cheat sheet for finding the best product for your needs and activity.

CBD for Acute Pain Relief, Inflammation, and Moisture

  • Who: Carrying a pack all day or leaned over rowing? Muscles in need of a little TLC? Grab this THC-free lotion. Hikers, backpackers, paddleboarders, commuters — this is your choice. Combine with oral supplements as a complement to more exertion.
  • What: CBD Freeze, CBD Recover, and CBD Revive from cbdMD
    • CBD Freeze: Helps ease symptoms with an essential oil and menthol combo.
    • CBD Recover: Gives a full, enriched profile design; arnica for white-cell stimulation, vitamin B6 to repair inflammatory and arthritic damage, and MSM for increased flexibility and absorption within cellular walls.
    • CBD Revive: When you need the benefits of CBD but also moisture, this cream packs in coconut and jojoba oils as well.
  • How: Apply directly to the skin.
  • When: Out on an excursion? Recreating for the day? Reach for a topical CBD balm to quickly recuperate at acute sites of discomfort and swelling.
  • Why: Convenience. These CBD products come in tubs, rollers, and squeeze bottles. The CBD takes effect quickly after application. Two-fold benefits: When applied directly, CBD lotions and balms provide an opportunity to add in other skin-healthy ingredients like amino acids and essential oils.


Cannabinoids do linger in the body. So when choosing a product, make sure you look for a quality supplier with consistent, high testing standards. You don’t want to ruin your competition day by using an inferior CBD product that contains prohibited THC.

Athletes trust and rely on cbdMD, which stands out as a premium CBD company. CBD has been on a lot of athlete’s lips and bodies. How about you?

This article is sponsored by cbdMD.

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