Get Fit in 10 Minutes a Day? Check Out This Speedy At-Home Workout

Struggling with motivating yourself to work out? A quick, 10-minute workout is easy to achieve with these exercises.

In this episode of “Total Shred,” brought to you by fitness coach Mike from Project RISE, we get an example of an awesome, in-depth bodyweight workout. The 10-minute session includes seven exercises: rope skipping, lateral ice skaters, burpees, pushups, toe touches, and more.

Follow along, or do any combination of the exercises that works for you. The goal? Ten minutes of working out. That’s it.

While this quick workout requires no equipment, a diverse workout regimen can and should incorporate tools like a stationary bike, free weights, yoga mat, climbing wall, or others — just not all the time.

Trying to get in a fast at-home workout before work, a flight, or picking up the kids? This video is a great place to start.

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