Tiny Treadmill Targets Space-Crunched Runners

Treadly is a sleek new treadmill that fits under a bed or hides away in a workspace. Who’s ordering it? People who are tight on space or time but still want a daily workout.

Treadly treadmillAt just 55 pounds, the Treadly fitness treadmill is dramatically lighter than traditional treadmills, which range from 175 to 250 pounds. Treadly’s ultralight, compact design makes moving and stowing it incredibly simple. And it’s only 25 inches wide and 3.5 inches thick.

“Users can quickly pull out Treadly in small spaces and at many different times throughout the week when outdoor activity and exercise aren’t an option,” said Treadly CEO Ronen Chen. “That swift, nimble use inside a home or office allows for newfound fitness growth that wasn’t at your disposal before.”

A collapsible hydraulic hand bar adds stability — and about 9 pounds. With the bar collapsed, the speed limit is 3.7 miles per hour. When the bar is in use, runners can go up to 5 miles per hour. (That’s about a 12-minute mile.)Treadly mini treadmill

The speed barrier combined with the treadmill’s length, 55 inches, means Treadly isn’t made for serious speed training. Think of it as a way to move at a standing desk or get some cruiser miles under the belt. The company will be offering a matching standing desk in the future.

To further boost safety, the petite moving walkway employs infrared technology. Electromagnetic strips track the position of the user’s feet on the belt and adjust speed accordingly.

How to Control the Ultralight Home or Office Treadmill


Treadly small treadmill

There are three stepping location zones — slow, normal, and fast — that sense whether you’re walking or jogging. Move toward the front of the machine to speed up. Stay in the middle of the belt to maintain a consistent speed. Slide toward the back to slow down.

Additionally, a compact motor makes the Treadly relatively quiet at just 6 decibels. At the front, the touch-free LCD screen shows the basics: time, steps, and distance. There’s also a 250-pound weight limit.

The tiny treadmill comes in gray and pink. Treadly is taking pre-orders now, but the product doesn’t ship until next month. Pre-ordered machines are $699 for a limited time. The treadmill will retail at $1,197 after that.

Julie Kailus

Associate editor Julie Kailus has spent a career covering people, places, and products in the outdoor industry. Julie can be found testing the latest and greatest in her favorite activities — trail running, mountain biking, swimming, snowboarding, and the underrated endurance sport of chasing two sons around the mountains.