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Zero Tolerance 0230 Review: EDC Knife for Your Dress Pants Pocket

zero tolerance 0230 folding knife open(Photo/Nick Lefort)
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The Zero Tolerance 0230 Slip-Joint is the EDC knife to carry around in places where you usually wouldn’t carry a knife around.

A good friend of mine is part of the corporate world during the week. On the weekends, you can find him wandering around in the woods like some caffeinated spider monkey. In the warmer months, he splashes through the lakes and the streams. Now that the world has gotten back to normal, and he has to wear suits all week, it’s tough adjusting to life without a knife in his pocket.

Have you ever tried to hang a decent EDC folding knife off of a pair of dress pants? It might as well be an anchor. Besides, there’s a little bit of etiquette that comes into play in that scenario — office life, social mixers, speaking in large crowds – sober – without swearing; so you almost need something a little more buttoned up if you’re going to carry a knife around with you in those situations.

Enter the Zero Tolerance 0230 – an Ansø designed gem of a slip-joint knife made from carbon fiber and CPM 20CV steel.

Based on the perpetually sought-after Monte Carlo by Jens Ansø, the 0230 may harken back to the old days by the fact that it’s a slip-joint knife, but believe me when I tell you — this thing is VIP level in terms of modern. But what caught my attention was that the 0230 comes complete with a pocket clip, a recent upgrade Zero Tolerance made based on demand.

In short: The Zero Tolerance 0230 is a premium slip-joint pocket knife with carbon fiber scales and exceptional steel. Based on an iconic design, it’s a perfect blade for the dapper dresser in the urban world.

zero tolerance 0230 folding knife closed next to pen and pad of paper.
(Photo/Nick Lefort)

Zero Tolerance 0230 Review


  • OAL: 6.2”
  • Blade Length: 2.6”
  • Steel: CPM 20CV
  • Blade Shape: Sheepsfoot
  • Grind: Flat
  • Hardness: 60-61 HRC
  • Lock Type: Slip-joint
  • Carry: Ambidextrous, Tip-up, Deep Carry
  • Weight: 1.8 oz.

Design and Features

The 0230 is the epitome of opulence: carbon fiber scales with a blue, anodized backspacer, 20CV stonewashed Sheepsfoot blade, and a deep-carry pocket clip that allows the 0230 to disappear in your pocket without getting lost.

The whole package is less than 2 ounces and works in all environments. But it shines in an urban setting as slip-joint knives meet and exceed almost all knife laws across the world.

The blade on the 0230 is controlled by a ball detent on each side of the blade, as well as a half-open position. This keeps the knife closed until you need it but also keeps the opening and closing operation smooth over time and not just out of the box.

First Impressions

Not only is Jens Ansø an incredibly nice guy, but also a very gifted knifemaker. This shows in the Zero Tolerance 0230. It is a production version of his Monte Carlo, a knife you’d be hard-pressed to get your hands on. If you did, you’d find it ultra-premium and ultra-posh.

zero tolerance 0230 folding knife open with Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments
(Photo/Nick Lefort)

That said, I had high expectations for the 0230. And it didn’t disappoint when it arrived. As someone who has kept away from slip-joint knives as his primary EDC, I had zero issues carrying this Zero Tolerance around to see what it was all about. It’s nice to have something so light yet effective with you out and about in the world.

It’s also extremely nice that it has a pocket clip, as I hate having to fish around in my already over-burdened pockets for the knife. The clip also adds the option of back pocket carry. A knife without a pocket clip would be wicked uncomfortable back there.

In the Field

You wouldn’t think a knife as dressed up as the 0230 could be your primary EDC for all of your outdoor adventures, but when that knife utilizes 20CV as its knife steel, it becomes just as utilitarian as any other folding knife out there — with or without a lock. I had a lot of fun whittling sticks and slicing up some cardboard for a project I was working on with my kids. It’s a fun knife that’s not nearly as suspicious as some of the knives I’m prone to pull out of my pocket.

That said, I did miss having a locking mechanism on the 0230, but that ended up just being a learning curve that I got over quickly. You just have to remember to keep your hand off the back of the blade when bearing down on it, or it could fold up on you. If you’re stubborn, be prepared to head to the ER for a nice set of shiny new stitches. The 0230 is razor-sharp and wonderful.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about how light the 0230 is. It’s 1.8 ounces, and you hardly feel it when you’re carrying it. When you’re using it, for whatever you’re using it for, you can maneuver easily with it. Considering that and how sharp the blade is, you could probably get a decent shave out of it. But that’s on you — because that’s some real true grit, Daniel Boone shit.


The Zero Tolerance 0230 is a great, all-around EDC folding knife that has no equal on the market today for the world traveler. I rarely consider rules and restrictions when considering the knives I carry because — let’s face it — the only places I go are out in the woods or up a mountain. But for someone who enjoys having a knife on them that finds themselves in another country, or even in a more upscale setting where a knife might seem imposing to other people, the Zero Tolerance 0230 would be my choice for you.

Also, remember that even though it’s a production knife, the 0230 is a Jens Ansø designed knife. He’s got a lot of great knives out there, but this one is unique and premium, and, as someone who can appreciate a great knife, I am thankful to both Zero Tolerance and Jens for the opportunity to mess around with this dandy of an EDC.

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