CHARGE! Knockerball With Live Bulls

Go to rodeo, jump inside knockerball, release a bull. What could go wrong?

For anyone who has ever wanted to be safely bucked by an angry bull, the fine folks at the Waconia, Minn., rodeo have something for you – Knockerball with bulls.

Knockerballs, also known as Zorbs after the original New Zealand brand, are inflatable spheres, made of heavy duty plastic, with a chamber in the middle big enough for an adult. The device has been used to roll down massive hills, float on lakes, and smash into other people like human bumper cars.

So far as we know, this is the first time it’s ever been used to withstand a charging bull. We can’t imagine who would agree to do this, much less PAY for it, but we hope at least the bull has some fun.

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