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Backcountry Reveals Plans for Two Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Like to shop with advice from Gearheads at Backcountry? Soon, you’ll be able to do so in person.

Backcountry, the online gear and apparel retailer founded in Utah in 1996, will open in-person stores this spring. The brand plans to open two brick-and-mortar locations in 2021: one in Park City, Utah, and one in Boulder, Colo.

The first new location is set to open in May. According to Backcountry, the stores will focus on providing personalized customer service, memorable experiences, and building the Backcountry community across the country.

“Backcountry has always sought to connect people with their passions through the best gear and expertise we have to offer,” Backcountry CEO Melanie Cox said in a press release. “With our retail locations, our goal is to equip our customers with the gear, knowledge, and the confidence they need to get outside.”

Backcountry’s online shopping experience is built around its “personalized, expert-driven customer service,” known as Gearheads. This, the brand said, will be a huge component of how Backcountry operates its in-person retail stores as well.

“At each new retail location, customers will now be able to meet with a Backcountry Gearhead for in-person, concierge-like outdoor guidance,” the brand told GearJunkie.

The announcement to move into the retail store sphere is perhaps the biggest news for the company since it launched its own exclusive brand line.

Backcountry Retail Stores

Backcountry retail locations 2021
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Backcountry plans to open its brick-and-mortar stores with an integrated online/offline retail model. It will allow customers to browse products from stores and the website simultaneously. So if an item isn’t available in-store, customers can order online — and vice versa.

Plus, Backcountry said it will offer free 2-day delivery to anywhere in the country on orders over $50. Select retail locations will also be able to provide same-day delivery. Currently, Backcountry has one storefront location next to its fulfillment center in Salt Lake City.

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