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Brendan Leonard Climbs 7 Summits … Of His Neighborhood

Lacking the cash money for the actual Seven Summits, Leonard invents a fun alternative right in his own backyard.

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When a video starts with a “grown man” calling his mother and asking for $140,000 — you know you’re in for a good time.

Brendan Leonard, aka Semi Rad, keeps the stakes low and the humor high in his latest edit. The idea is simple: Instead of spending 2 years traveling around the world climbing the highest mountain on each continent, he’ll simply climb the highest seven points from his home in Missoula, Mont.

While lucky enough to live in a place that has mountains at all, Leonard isn’t shy about pointing out the low-risk nature of this “expedition.”

“The older I get, the more I think there’s something to be said for pure fun,” he says in the vid. “Making up some contrived thing you want to do and going for it. Having good weather, no injuries, maybe a sunset, and some laughs. Nobody dies. Nobody thought they were gonna die. We get home safe and we can do it again next week, if we want to.”

Hear, hear, Brendan Leonard.

Runtime: 18.5 minutes

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