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Emerging Gear: Zip-Off Shoe, Smoker Fire Pit, and More

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

photographer on a beach holding up camera to face wearing Peak Design Sling Bag at side
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Burch Barrel

three people in puffy jackets and hats gathered around Burch Barrel fire pit

Sitting around a fire has been central to the human experience since, well, we figured out the whole fire thing. The Burch Barrel is a grill, smoker, and fire pit all in one. At $895, it’s expensive but competitively priced among high-end grills. The design centralizes both the cooking and social aspects of grilling into one spot. The Burch Barrel is already fully funded on Kickstarter — but you can still claim one.

ACBC Made2Share Zip Shoe

Birds eye and profile view of ACBC Made2Share Modular shoes against white background

ACBC’s statement that its Made2Share footwear is “the world’s most sustainable shoe” is a bold claim. But the shoe has a pretty cool modular design. The Made2Share shoe starts with a zip shoe base that can zip to three styles of uppers: the jogger, the sneaker, and the Chukka. The shoe’s sole and uppers are made with bamboo rubber, cork, and other natural fibers.

Nordica Enforcer 104 Free Ski

Nordica ENFORCER 104 Free Ski

A new, wider addition to the popular Nordica Enforcer family, the Enforcer Free 104 gives skiers a versatile ski that will excel in soft snow and still carve well on the groomers. It has a carbon-reinforced chassis to cut weight and increase the ski’s strength and stability. A light swing weight, two sheets of metal, and a wider platform for flotation lead to a more playful and surfy Enforcer.

EssenPack Travel Bag

EssenPack travel bag with included travel essentials against white background

This travel pack has everything you could need (and possibly more) built in. The EssenPack has 23 essentials, including a UV sterilizer, travel cutlery, a rain jacket, earbuds, gloves, and a pillow. It’s pretty much a whole lot of stuff that could make your travel day better. We question the quality of the gear given its super-packable size but are intrigued nonetheless. Get yours now on Kickstarter starting at $99.

CamelBak Pivot Bottle

Camelbak Pivot Bottle in light green against white background

CamelBak’s latest bottle is part of the company’s first sustainability-focused line. The bottle comes in your choice of three colors with a carry-handle screw cap and is made of 10 percent renewable, plant-based material. It’s also super-lightweight yet durable enough for travel. The 25-ounce Pivot bottle retails for $14.

Ardor & Forge Rothrock Watch

Arbor & Forge Rothrock watch with tan strap against mossy background

Inspired by a Pennsylvanian state forest that shares its name, the Rothrock watch has all the looks of rugged, natural landscapes. The Rothrocks ($350-550) have oak accents and a sand-cast texture made by lasers and rock tumblers. Each of the four variations is named after a specific area within the forest.

Peak Design Everyday V2 Sling

View of back panel and strap of Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag against white background

This sling-style bag from Peak Design is part of the brand’s new Everyday Line V2. The new bags are all Bluesign-certified and feature Peak Design’s proprietary Ultrazips, a high-molecular-weight thermoplastic thread that’s used to bind the zipper coils to increase strength and durability. The bags also come with organizational dividers to customize the bag to your needs.

57 Hours App

view of the 57hours app adventure app screen

Use this app to get in touch with a certified outdoor guide. 57Hours is a new platform that connects individuals with guides for adventures including rock climbing, backcountry skiing, kite skiing, mountain biking, and more all over the world. Renowned ski guide Greg Hill introduced GearJunkie to the app during a recent climbing trip. Hill claims it streamlines some of his processes working with clients and allows people to research and book a trip with just a few taps on their smartphone.

Air Deck 3.0 Playing Cards

skinny and ultralight AirDeck 3.0 playing cards with ace and king cards facing up

The Air Deck was invented so the traveler on the go wouldn’t have to sacrifice weight or space in their pack for fun. Funded in just over an hour, the Air Deck 3.0 ($9) gives the high-quality paper a waterproof coating and plenty of fun designs for card-playing on the go. The company even plants mangrove trees to offset emissions, making these cards carbon-positive.

Time Concepts Bia Women's Watch Series

6 styles of Bia Watches fanned out on white surface

Time Concept’s newest watch series isn’t just a timepiece for women. The brand also donates to women’s organizations around the world. The series consists of sport watches and dive watches, both named after influential women. The dive series watches are rated up to 200 m and have 38mm stainless steel cases. The sport watches are similar, with 36mm stainless steel cases and a larger array of watchband material choices. The Bia watches start at $175.

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