Season Pass for Gear: Gearo Launches Worldwide Rental Subscription

Need access to gear but don’t want to buy it all? Gearo has launched the first worldwide gear rental pass.

Gearo, an online outdoor gear marketplace, has created a gear rental pass that works in its network of 200-plus outdoor retailers and more than 75 cities around the world. The passes will give customers an affordable way to access thousands of rental products in categories like ski, snowboard, bike, kayak, camping, and more across multiple rental locations.

“Our two main goals have always been to make outdoor gear more accessible for people and to help increase our retailers’ revenue. We have seen strong indications towards a gear pass effectively accomplishing both of these goals,” said Justine Barone, founder and CEO of Gearo. (Barone actually gave her startup pitch at an event GearJunkie hosted back in 2018 and won.)

And while Gearo was founded in Denver, its database now has locations from Alaska to Banff to New York.

Gear Galore: Gear Pass Options

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Depending on your interests, there are three pass options with different rental perks available: The Experience Pass, the Ski Plus Pass, and the Go Big Pass.

The Ski Plus Pass includes two ski or snowboard package rentals, plus six other rentals (two bike, two kayak or SUP, and two camp rentals). The six rentals only apply to the bike, kayak, and camp categories.

The Experience Pass includes 12 total rentals (three ski or snowboard, three kayak or SUP, three bike, and three camp). Essentially, you get more options across four activity categories.

The third option is the Go Big Pass, which is what it sounds like — it includes 15 total rentals without category limitation. That’s right, whether you’re an adventurous couple or family of six, you can ski, snowboard, bike, SUP, kayak, or camp to your heart’s content.

Passes start at $33 per month. And based on the value of the gear you could rent, the pass pays for itself in just a few uses. We think this pass sounds like an awesome option for those wanting to explore different activities, or those not yet ready to invest in a full kit of ski, bike, or camp gear.

There are some limitations — like the bike rentals don’t cover e-bikes and the ski packages are resort-only — but other than that, the Gearo network is your oyster.

Each pass is valid for 365 days. You can view Gearo’s network or buy a pass here.

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