Will ‘Akuna’ Robinson: True Trailblazer

will akuna robinson thru-hiker
Podcast Season 4 Episode 2
Recorded: October 12, 2022

Will Robinson went from couch to thru-hike almost overnight — and in so doing, soon became the first Black man to complete the Triple Crown.

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“Hakuna matata” means “no worries” (according to a talking meerkat). But calling Will Robinson a man of no worries would not be correct — a veteran of the Iraq War living with PTSD, Robinson is very familiar with worry.

But one night, after watching Reese Witherspoon lace up Cheryl Strayed’s iconic boots in “Wild,” Robinson found a place where worry couldn’t follow: the trail.

And there, his name is Akuna — a man of only good vibes, joy, and healing. Akuna discusses hiking through PTSD and its myriad challenges, and how on Earth someone can go from never setting foot on a thru-hiking trail to becoming a record-setting Triple Crowner.


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