Red Bull Vision: Sports Drink Maker Sells Sunglasses

Energy drink juggernaut Red Bull has blurred the lines of branding, making huge strides in media with a magazine and popular video channel, and by running a popular race series. Now, sunglasses.

RedBull Eyewear
Red Bull Sunglasses

The high-octane brand is entering the lucrative world of high-end sunglasses in the U.S. market

Today the company announced a complete line of sunglasses, ranging from $90 “youth” models to $300 race-ready, carbon-fiber shades that will be available in the U.S. this month.

Red Bull Racing Eyewear has been available in some countries for a few years now, but this is its first push into the North American market with distributor Mad Vision.

RedBull Eyewear
Red Bull Sunglasses

We had a chance to examine the line under bright sunshine at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day and — spoiler — they’re really nice.

Manufactured through a branding partnership with Spectacular Eyewear, the company makes three levels of sunglasses — High Tech ($280-$325), Sports Tech ($170-$230), and Sports-Tech ($119-$175) — plus less expensive Youth models that will sell for under $100.

The company is also launching a line of snow goggles.

The glasses are technically precise and manufactured with carbon frames, which the company claims is “a material that is used in Formula One helmet visors because it is absolutely unbreakable.”

It is the lightest ophthalmic lens in the world, Red Bull touts. From our first quick look through the lenses, we must agree, they are clear and very light.

Redbull Sunglasses
Red Bull Sunglasses

The Life Tech glasses have the same high quality lenses, and have flexible, bendable, super light frames.

Life Tech frame redbull
LIfeTech Frame is light and super flexible

The Sports-Tech line is a little less expensive and heavier, but they still seem like quality shades.

Goggles include styles with Carl Zeiss lenses, an outrigger system for fit with helmets, and a system so the user can quickly change lenses and frames.

The crowded world of sunglasses just got a little tighter, and you can now buy shades by the same company that makes your sports drink.

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