CES 2018: Top Tech for Active and Outdoor Lifestyles

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas concentrates the best of today’s (and tomorrow’s!) tech into four days of gear demos and product launches. We combed this year’s offerings to find top products for outdoor enthusiasts and fitness freaks eyeing gear for 2018 and beyond.

Home Fitness Simlautor

Add flight to your fitness regimen using the Icaros virtual reality “exercise” game. Wearing a VR headset, users control the machine’s gyroscopic movement by engaging their core and manipulating their body position without touching the ground. Icaros launched the $9,200 consumer model, and includes flight app and VR headset.

Modular Selfie Drone

Not an ordinary selfie stick, the Pitta takes pictures from the palm of your hand or while flying autonomously. Plus, the modular, 7-ounce, orb-shaped drone is mountable on bikes or helmets. Pitta flies up to 15 minutes, converts between modes in seconds, can live stream video, and doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA.

Smart Motorcycle / Robot Rider

Yamaha unveiled two proof-of-concept products that may blow the wheels off the motorcycle world. Its big unveil, the MOTOROiD (top image), presents an artificial-intelligence-equipped motorcycle that recognizes its owner (great for security), can drive itself, and interacts “like a living creature.” Plus, the brand introduced MOTOBOT Ver.2 (bottom image), an autonomous motorcycle-riding robot the brand claims rode 200 mph around a racetrack on its own.

Smart Cycling Glasses

Take the next left, slow your pace, your brother is calling–get all this info right from your sunglasses. Solos smart glasses give cyclists a host of heads-up information: power, speed, GPS, even coaching. The included app pairs with the cyclist’s phone to display the data in a semi-trasparent quadrant of the lenses.

Multi-Face Smart Watch

All the brains and the styleLaipac’s LooK smartwatch blends familiar designs with cutting-edge tech. Cell phone connectivity, SOS features, WiFi/bluetooth, heart-rate sensor, and more available at the touch. But as a timepiece, the LooK offers luxury watch aesthetic – and all for a competitively sub-$200 price tag.

Fingerprint Padlock

The future of gear security is undoubtedly keyless, and Tapplock wants your fingerprints to be the answer. The brand unveils fully water-resistant and lighter versions of the original. And the latest locks hold up to 500 different fingerprints, offers smartphone app unlock, and lasts up to a year (about 3,500 unlocks) on a single charge.

SETI Home Telescope

What’s better than looking at the moon through your telescope? Seeing galaxies, nebula, and celestial bodies that telescopes never could. Enter Unistellar’s eVscope, a home star-gazer 100 times more powerful than classic telescopes. Built in collaboration with the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute, the eVscope also offers smart extras like smartphone control and social sharing.

Compact Sports Lighting

Light up your late-night adventures with the Litra Torch. Compatible with GoPro mounts and modern DSLR cameras, the Litra operates with one button and outputs up to 800 lumens. Nighttime singletrack POV? We think yes. The Litra is available now.

Most Compact eBike

Finish your commute by folding this eBike into your backpack. The Smacircle S1 is dubbed the “world’s most compact” foldable eBike. It measures 19” x 11” packed up and 32” x 37” unfolded with speeds up to 12 mph. Available on Indiegogo now.

Bone-Conducting Helmet

Answer calls, skip a song, and send emergency alerts with the Coros Omni smart cycling helmet. The second iteration of Coros helmets debuts at CES, utilizing the same bone-conduction technology. Songs or calls are sent through your cheek-bones instead of your ears, so cars and pedestrians can still be heard.

Cycling Dashboard

Slap your phone onto your handlebars, and get to your destination on time with the MAT (Magnetic Assisted Tap). The MAT is a smartphone docking station, compatible with a number of eBikes. It works with strong magnets and turns your bike into a veritable cockpit, with GPS and an anti-theft system.

Smart Ski Helmet

Say hi to mom from the slopes with the push of a button. The Livall Smart Ski Helmet lets wearers play music, answer calls, and protect your noggin all at the same time. With Bluetooth compatible speakers, large volume up and down buttons, and wind-reduction design, the Livall is the option for connected skiers.

Video Livestream Recorder

Time waits for nobody, and now neither does your video recording. The YoloBox simplifies live recording by connecting to your camera and submitting it live with touch screen control. It connects with either Wifi, Ethernet, or 4G so you can go live in the woods or the living room. Available on Kickstarter now.

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