Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.


‘Claw’ For Gold

Dip, shake, pour, and… Jackpot! Well, maybe. The Gold Claw claims to be “many times faster and yield more gold than traditional methods.” The $50, made-in-the-USA pan is designed for family fun, if not fortune, in the outdoors.

heated foam roller in gym

Heated Foam Roller

Nuke your favorite massage tool to double your pleasure. The Moji heated foam roller touts “dual-action therapy” with its $42 microwavable roller. The idea is that the heat relaxes your muscles and the foam roller, pretty much a staple for anyone who exercises regularly, works out the knots.

Wildlife Timepiece

Interchangeable straps, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, a carbon-fiber face, and money for wildlife conservation… the Wanderlust LA Collection of analog watches is a simple accessory with some techie features. Its real selling point with us, though, is that a portion of proceeds from sales is donated to Wildlife Warriors (formerly the Steve Irwin Foundation).

Nike Lifters

Wear shoes to make you stronger, or at least accommodate your gym routine. The Nike DSX Flyknit is part flat-sole lifting shoe, part lightweight cardio trainer. The $160 Flyknit is available after New Year’s.

Wear Snowboard Boots While Skiing

To most skiers, this looks ridiculous. But for newbies, or those who just can’t stand to crunch into ski boots but don’t want to snowboard, well, it’s an option. Snowboard boots tend to be a little more comfortable than ski boots, and MadJacks lets you wear them to drive skis. The ski- and snowboard-adaptable boot, $200 per pair, conforms to all ISO and ASTM standards for alpine ski geometry and snowboard strap bindings for soft boots. Send it Jerry!