World’s First Electric Snowcat: PistenBully 100 E

PistenBully is a major manufacturer of the groomers that keep ski areas in pristine condition. And with the 100 E, the world of ski resorts sees a first plausible electric option.

Snowcats are just cool! Whether creating a precision halfpipe, perfect corduroy, or keeping lift operations open, they are required for winter resorts around the world. PistenBully has now developed the technology to groom ski slopes 100 percent emission-free with the world’s first electric snowcat!

While most of us in North America have our eyes and adventures set on summer, PistenBully continues to innovate in the snow groomer space. PistenBully is celebrating its 50th birthday with the world’s first all-electric snow grooming machine, the 100 E.


A German company, PistenBully makes a variety of snow grooming equipment. It has been a top player in the space, and even developed a diesel-electric snow groomer back in 2012. The strive toward zero-emissions grooming has been a desire at PistenBully for years.

Electric Snow Grooming

The electric drive system in the 100 E was developed in collaboration with Mattro Production GmbH, an Austrian electric mobility company. The system consists of a battery pack with an energy capacity of 126 kWh and 400 V.


Impressively, the 100 E can drive for 2.5-3 hours per charge. It can charge completely in 6 hours, with a 75-percent charge in only 5 hours.

Instant torque at any speed should make the 100 E an impressive snow grooming tool. With a few hours of runtime between charges, it should also work for a wide range of winter resorts.

Electrified, Snowy Future


PistenBully named the 100 E for its emission-free grooming capabilities. While it’s just a study, expected positive customer feedback could lead to series production.

We’d love to see ski resorts become more environmentally friendly. PistenBully has taken another step toward a perfectly groomed, snowy future that’s a lot greener than it is now.

Bryon Dorr

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