$38 Water Bottle: Nau/Klean Kanteen

It costs $38. It’s marketed to contain “none of the bad stuff — no paint, no plastic, no rubber seals.” Made of stainless steel, food-grade silicone and sustainably-harvested bamboo — and laser-etched on top with the Nau Inc. brand name! — the new Nau/Klean Kanteen collaboration bottle might just be the ultimate yuppie hydration accessory of the year.

But seriously, the 10-inch-tall bottle is a slick, if overpriced, incarnation. Advertised as “the most environmentally safe, non-toxic water bottle on the market,” this vessel assures your liquid comes into contact only with stainless steel and silicone — two substances generally assumed to be safe. There is no BPA, no plastic, and no lining in the bottle. Water tastes cold and good from stainless steel, I will attest. For me, Klean Kanteen bottles are often my top pick from a shelf of hydration options.

Nau Klean Kanteen bottle.jpg

Nau/Klean Kanteen collaboration bottle

Klean Kanteen sells the same bottle, but not Nau-branded, for $32.95; it’s called the Reflect bottle, though at this date the bottle is sold out on Kleankanteen.com. The bottles hold 27 ounces of liquid, and they are made in China.

The Nau/Klean Kanteen bottle — official name: “nau klean canteen,” all lower-case — is not a “performance” product. We tested one out and found, like most metal bottles, this one is not made to be toted on a run or clamped in a bike-bottle cage. It’s a bit heavy for hiking, weighing about a half-pound. But take it to yoga or along on your daily commute. This is a “lifestyle” piece, something that looks nice and feels good in the hand. Water is cold inside. Put it in your gym bag. It screws tightly shut, and the silicone gasket guarantees it will not leak.

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Joe - 05/09/2011 03:06 PM

Not sure how anything made of materials mined from the earth and made in China can be environmentally friendly. They should have a resources used rating.

Posted by Konstantin - 05/28/2011 06:40 PM

Depending on what you consider environmentally friendly and what you compare it to.
I really like these steel bottles and had one for a few years now.
How do I see them as environmentally friendly? Steel will last a stupid amount of time. It will not dent as easily as the aluminum bottles, which means I will not replace it as often. It will not leech anything into my water under any circumstances like plastic ones can which means it will not harm me and cause me to go out and buy a new bottle every time they discover that that particular plastic is able to leech something into my water. Lastly, When I am finally done with it, when it is dented beyond any recognizable form or punctured, it can be melted down and become part of the existing steel pool. To me those qualities make it more environmentally friendly than the bottle alternatives that I could think of off the top of my head. You could think of pottery jugs as an even environmentally friendlier alternative, but considering how brittle and heavy they are…

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