The $1,295 Ski Boot

As the self-proclaimed “most expensive ski boot on the market,” the $1,295 Apex Ski Boot will undoubtedly turn heads when it debuts next month. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of its features, including the “snowboard-type” inner boot and the company’s unique Carbon Chassis exoskeleton shell.

Apex Ski Boot Features.jpg

The Apex Boots are made by upstart Apex Sports Group in Boulder, Colo. They weigh approximately 8.5 pounds per pair in a men’s size nine. (Many boots are over 11 pounds in the same size, the company says.)

Another unique feature: The Carbon Chassis is designed to stay in the binding when the user is not on his skis during the day. For example, during lunch at a resort, you can undo the two ratchet buckles and step out of the chassis and walk around in the inner boot. The chassis can stay in the binding and you put your skis and chassis in the ski rack.

In total, there are three major pieces to the boot: The heat-moldable inner liner, the chassis, and the walking boot.

Apex Ski Boot.jpg

Apex Ski Boot

Posted by steve - 09/10/2009 01:42 PM

Why the Hell not a 1300 dollar pair of boots, there is no limit to the stupidity and the upper limit of American consumerism!

Posted by John - 09/15/2009 10:40 AM

Obviously made for people with more money than brains.

Posted by Denny - 09/15/2009 11:26 AM

Two main differences from shell boots. A completely adjustable instep height, and the fact that the forward resistance is not determined by how tightly the boot is buckled. These are key features in providing comfort.

Posted by jim - 09/15/2009 07:14 PM

will look great with that heated $2000 spyder jacket while skiing the lodge

Posted by Jana - 10/02/2009 05:27 AM

I’d like a pair I have skied for 30 years and always had problems with my feet these look nice and comfy. The price point isn’t really any worse than going into a custom fit place. I’m going to get a pair so be jealous!

Posted by Rick - 10/15/2009 02:44 PM

Interesting concept.

I’m tired of high-performing boots that tear up my legs. I’ve got scars all over my lower legs from my &$@& boots — after years of working with various bootfitters.

I’d drop $1300 if they performed well and were comfortable.

Posted by Tony - 10/24/2009 06:14 AM

35 years of skiing under my belt. I made the transition from leather boots to the crazy hard Nordica Banana. this is long overdue. A bad ankle keeps me in rear entry Salomom SX91, cheap on ebay. I am labeled Retroskier. Well no more!! looking forward to being as comfortable as my boarding buddies. After so much pain for so many seasons they are cheap!

Posted by Rick - 10/28/2009 03:24 PM

I’ve been thinking of switching to snowboarding, just to get comfy boots.

Apex might provide a workable alternative.

Posted by Phillip - 10/28/2009 05:07 PM

Its about time their is no price to high for comfort. Current Ski Boots are a real pain and made in USA!

Posted by Cameron - 10/29/2009 06:33 PM

This will be perfect for hiking in the back-country. Can’t wait to be able to jump around like my snow boarding buddies.

Posted by JP - 11/04/2009 10:34 PM

I skied them today, IT WORKS~ THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER~
I rolled up in the inner walking boot, basically a snowboard boot. I felt like rebel. Thank you snowboarding, thank you carbon fiber, thank you Mr. Hanson.

I can’t wait to sled with snowboard boots and strap my pow skis on.

I can’t wait to kick it in the bar with comfy dogs and no worries.

I can’t wait to:
Drive, walk, ski, and laugh in the face of all the doubters. They SHRED and are painless


Posted by Marty Sherwin - 12/23/2009 10:12 AM

I have two feet and two bunions that limit my hpd (hours per day) that I can ski. Where can I buy these boots? I ski in Aspen CO

Posted by Gaston St-Pierre - 12/26/2009 07:52 PM

I am always looking for new stuff. But it is obvious, Apex is not completely new. The concept actualy has been copied on “NAVA Ski System” from Italy introduced in late 70s. I skied on the system and loved it for 10 years, until it was not available any more. It only has been sold on the market for 2 years.

Posted by Sean - 01/03/2010 02:29 PM

We have the Apex boots available at the One Stop Ski Shop and they have been a success. We have sold several pairs and haven’t had a client that wasn’t completely satisfied. One particular client quit skiing for several years due to boot pain. He bought the Apex, and now has a smile ear to ear! We are located in Steamboat Springs, so if your looking for ultimate comfort without compromising performance it’s here.

Posted by Chuck - 01/19/2010 05:43 PM

I have high arches and wide feet, and every ski boot I tried felt like medievel torture. About seven years ago I found Kneissl Rail boots and absolutely LOVE it. The Apex looks like an updated and improved version of that boot. Carbon Fiber replaces plastic “chassis”. My soft boots are SO comfortable, that I leave them tight during lunch and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Since Kneissl stopped making those boots years ago, I didn’t know what I’d do when it finally wore out or broke. Now it looks like I’ll have a replacment in Apex. But… I’d better start saving now! Honestly, I don’t know why these boots aren’t manufactured by the big boot companies. It’s a freakin’ no brainer.

Posted by Andrea Tessitori - 01/21/2010 08:23 PM

Just got mine! I have been walking around the house in the boots to start the molding process! The chassis is pretty cool! I only care about comfort and based upon many recommendations these will provide just that!

Posted by Industry insider - 06/02/2010 07:49 PM

Very few comments from AFTER the boot was available, and some of these smell like company owner induced posts!

I tried this product – if you can’t get your foot in anything else go for it!

Otherwise, move on.

Posted by Bob Lumbard - 06/14/2010 03:44 PM

let me start by saying, part of my job is testing ski equipment for a major ski and snowboard equipment retailer.In feburary I tested these boots at Taos.The comfort was excellent and the performance is designed for skiers from intermediate through advanced expert.There is no lack of edge control at any level and the snow feel is great on hardpack but a bit allusive on the soft stuff.Once again Mr. Hanson has done something revolutionary. Although we do not sell this boot I highly recommend it anyone who has fit issues but still demands high performance.If anyone would like more indepth review it’s

Posted by gerry elseman - 07/29/2010 02:31 PM

I can hardly wait for ski season to begin. Im heading straight to Steanboat and buying a pair in early December. After 45 years of skiing, this day has finally arrived!

Posted by Mark - 10/12/2013 02:32 PM

How can you put a price on comfort. I realize that some people are lucky enough to buy a pair of boots off the rack, and have them fit like a glove. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I’ll buy a $600 – $700 dollar boot, pay $150 to have them custom fitted, and by the end of the season I’m ready to trade them in. If these boots are the real deal, I’d pay $1500 for them. I’m planning on demoing them this year at Breckenridge and see if the hype is true. I sure hope they are what they say they are. If after 4 days of skiing my feet are still happy, I will buy them on the spot.

Posted by One Happy Skier - 12/15/2013 10:21 PM

OK, count me in the more money than brains group. I just bought a pair of the MC-2’s and they are the bomb. Super comfortable and great performance, with better edge feel than any boot I’ve ever used. Groomers, powder, crud and bumps, they’re good everywhere. Slow or full out I feel in complete control, and after a full day of skiing my feet and shins aren’t beat up like they often were with my old boots. They’re so comfortable I can walk home in the inner boot, even drive my car if I want to. No more being envious of the snow boarder crowd. Expensive? Yeah. So? These things are game changers.

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