Poster Reveals 'Family Tree' Of Bicycle Evolution and Design

Bike Chart Full.jpg

Now in the 233th year of evolution, the bicycle has been ever changing to fit a variety of riding styles and transport needs. A new poster from Pop Chart Lab depicts this evolution in a family-tree style format.

More than 70 bikes are laid out chronologically and organized by utility. Color-coded lines indicate different styles and tell the story of how each lineage has evolved over the years. We took a close look at the chart, which is available online for $22, in the images below. —Amy Oberbroeckling

bike chart - 1.jpg

The Draisienne-style bike was invented in the early 1800s. It was a forerunner of the two-wheeled bikes we know today

bike chart - 2.jpg

There might be some issues with chronology. We’re not sure that the fixie is a decedent of the triathlon bike

Touring - Cyclocross.jpg

According to this chart the touring bike led to the evolution of the cyclocross bike in 1918… again, not sure that is accurate

bike chart - 4.jpg

The recumbent. Some might think this is one of the sillier of bike innovations

bike chart - 3.jpg

The popularization of 27.5-inch mtb is one of the most recent evolutions


Where can I test ride one of these?