Climbing Comp: A 50-ft Wall, Only Water Below to Catch Your Fall...

Psicocomp 1.jpg

Last weekend in Park City, Utah, some of the best climbers in the world competed in an event unlike anything else in the sport.

The Psicobloc Masters Series was the first major deep-water soloing competition held in the U.S. Climbers competed head-to-head on identical routes up a 50-foot wall, no ropes or harnesses, just a massive swimming pool below to catch their fall.

Psicobloc Spectators .jpg

Spectators packed the Utah Olympic Park to watch the first deep water soloing competition in the U.S.

I watched from the sidelines with 3,000+ spectators as the top names in the sport reached and climbed high overhead, often slipping to fall and splash into the deep water below.

Here’s a look at the event, likely the most spectator-friendly climbing comp ever held on American soil. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Psicobloc fall via Mike Hill.jpg

Big fall! 50-foot drop if you miss a hold

Psicobloc climbers Mike Hill.jpg

Planning a route before the men’s round starts

Psicobloc wall Mike Hill.jpg

Two of the top climbers in the world duel it out to the top

Psicobloc roof.jpg

A wee bit overhung…

Sharma warmup .jpg

Climber Chris Sharma is an organizer for the event as well as a competitor

Psico Bloc full house .jpg

Sasha D. Top.jpg

Sasha DiGiulian tops out to take the win in the women’s category

—Photos by Mike Hill, courtesy of Prana.