Cloggens Shoe Review

No, these aren’t Crocs ( These foam-based, clog-type, slip-on sandals are called Cloggens (, and they’re nearly identical to the design Crocs (mysteriously) has made immensely popular.

But Cloggens have removable insoles. The heel strap snaps on and off easily. And for some designs the company employs materials like leather and mesh and denim.


So they’re essentially Crocs, though upgraded with a few features and new materials. Plus, there’s an insole, which I found to add a bit of support, though I’m not sure if support is what’s needed for the activities you do in shoes like these. Cloggens’ press people, for example, recommend activities like “walking the dog or shopping at the mall, to beachcombing or just kicking around the house. . .”

(However, as an aside, at least two racers in last summer’s Primal Quest Utah wore Crocs for a 30+ mile desert trekking section of the race, and reports were that their feet stayed fine and happy after all that trekking in sand, while many racers wearing trail-runners and the like—me included!—ended up with TRASHED feet on that very segment of the race route.)


I’ve been testing Cloggens’ Cero Air Mesh ($40) and Pada ($30) models. Both are fine, nice-looking and comfortable actually. However, one big issue: The snap on the heel strap for my right-foot Pada shoe won’t stay snapped. It seems fine at first, then—CLICK!—it’s off. Annoying. I’ve resorted to just flipping the heel strap forward and leaving it be.

Otherwise no complaints. These shoes functioned fine during my OFFICIAL GEAR JUNKIE GEAR TEST of mowing the lawn and taking my little ones to the beach.

Bottom Line: Cloggens are essentially a Crocs wannabe, though with a few interesting twists. I’d wager to say they’re sharper looking. Check out the whole line here:

Regarding the removable insole, I’m not sold. As aforementioned, on a shoe like this extra support is unnecessary. I actually prefer the plain foam insole area on the yellow Crocs I own to these shapely removable insoles. Simple might just be better when it comes to kick-around shoes like Cloggens, or do I mean Crocs. . .

Posted by Greg - 06/25/2007 11:50 AM

It looks to me like Cloggens are trying to emulate the functional dorkiness of Crocs without actually looking dorky… Say what you will about Crocs, at least they embrace with open arms the dork-factor of their product. :D

Posted by Heidi - 07/21/2007 06:40 PM

I hate wearingCrocs with no socks. However, Cloggens, whether using the poly insole or the rubber one, are much more comfortable. My feet were not supported at all in Crocs and actually hurt, but Cloggens are much more comfortable. However, some models are springier than others. For a woman’s foot, the Rio and the Bermuda is fantastic, springy and soft, like walking on a cloud. I found that the cero had a similar feel, but less so. The Pada, however, felt more like a Croc, no comfiness, softness or support. I found the design of the Pada to be cool (cool as in not holding heat) than the Cero or the Rio. The Bermuda is like a Rio with a design. Haven’t tried the Pada, too croc-ish. I had the same problem with Crocs and Cloggens, the heel straps detach. Crocs have rivots and even they popped out. Quark has a similar shoe, and their straps have never given me problems, but they aren’t as comfortable as Cloggens, but more comfortable than Crocs. I don’t mind being a dork, but I want to be a comfortable dork, and for my money, Cloggens have a good variety of comfortable shoes. Their sizing is more accurate than Crocs or Quark. They are sold in hole sizes. Unlike most brands, if you wear a half size, size down.

Posted by Laura J Johnson - 07/29/2009 10:26 AM

I wear Cloggens during my 16 hour shifts at a local hospital. I am not a thin person and my feet and legs take a betting. I have been wearing Cloggens and from the instant I put them on have LOVED them I just ordered three more pairs. They are a dream .No trouble with straps or inserts. They are GREAT

Posted by Malcey Papenfus - 12/08/2011 01:40 PM

Hi I am looking for your cloggens BAJA M12 – 13A XXL. We purchased these about 6 years ago in S.A. but cannot find these shoes anywhere in S.A. I would appreciate it if you can help me with the above, availablity, & price incl postage & packaging. These are great shoes and my husband really enjoys wearing these shoes.
Thank you

Posted by Patsy Ladner - 04/03/2012 09:58 AM

I just got a pair of these shoes and love them and I want some more in different colors, my back is bad and have not had much pain wearing them,I wear them all the time, WANT SOME MORE CLOGGENS.

Posted by Kim - 04/06/2012 01:31 PM

I work 16 hr shifts standing on concrete floors. Cloggens are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have tried almost every shoe available in the last 30 yrs and nothing compares.

Posted by BETTY - 09/29/2012 09:47 PM

where in Ontario can i buy these shoes, i have one pair for the last 2 years .I have put then in the washer, but todat in a hurry and put them in the dryer and they shrunk ,i am so mad at my self i cannot get them on now .i have a swollen foot from knee surgery, they are perfect for me , I NEED HELP TO GET A NEW PAIR. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Posted by mari du plessis - 07/03/2013 09:14 AM

can somebody PLEASE tell me where to buy Cloggens in South Africa, preferably in die Free State. I really prefer them to Crocs.

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