EPIC Award: Chris Skogen, Founder of Almanzo 100

Today we announce the third recipient of our EPIC award, a new industry and outdoor-world prize sponsored by Wenger that highlights adventurers, athletes, gear designers, activists, and artists who affect notable change in the outdoors world.

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Chris Skogen, director of an event called the Almanzo 100, is a humble cyclist from Rochester, Minn., who founded a race and helped launch a movement. Hundreds of cyclists now ride his annual Almanzo, a 100-mile race on gravel roads across southern Minnesota, and Skogen’s initiative has worked to inspire a half-dozen other race directors in the region to create gravel bike events around the Midwest.

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Chris Skogen greeting riders at end of Almanzo race; photo by Craig Lindner

The result is the popularization of a new type of riding. The gravel road race movement brings together roadies, mountain bikers, touring cyclists, and city riders in a gritty, underground venue where limits are pushed on tough, hilly courses for a true adventure event in the heartland of America.

Almanzo Bike Race - photo 1.jpg

Scenes from a gravel road race; photos © David Gabrys

The Almanzo 100 is free, a labor of love since its launch in 2005. There is no limit to the amount of riders that can register — it is as big as people make it. “The original idea came from a small group ride in southern Minnesota,” Skogen explains. “We decided to make it an event, then we thought ‘might as well race it,’ and 13 people were in.”

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Skogen and his son (in a bike backpack!)

It grew tremendously, and last year 350 racers showed up. A GearJunkie writer profiled the Almanzo Race in 2011, a nasty year with a high drop rate. For the Almanzo this spring, to be held on May 19, more than 800 riders are registered for the long, hilly course.

Almanzo Bike Race - portrait 6.jpg

Finishers: 2011 Almanzo, a particularly muddy year! Photos © David Gabrys

Beyond the Almanzo, there is now a series of free or low-cost gravel races each year throughout the region, including the Ragnarok 105, the Strada Fango, Dirty Benjamin, Heck of the North, and the Dirt Bag. Together, the races are a part of a gravel road series where riders earn points for each finish.

The gravel concept has energized riders around the Midwest. Thousands of people now gear up, clip in, and ride for miles and miles on gravel to train and race. Here’s to Skogen, a forefather of the movement and one of the big contributors to the scene. Cheers! Your work, an Epic effort, deserves an award.

—See our Epic Award channel for past winners and a chance to nominate someone “epic” in your sphere.

Almanzo Bike Race - photo 12.jpg

Rolling along the open gravel road, finish line somewhere very far beyond. . .

Posted by Ben J - 04/26/2012 10:10 AM

A totally deserving award…what an awesome event…can’t wait to race again this year..I would prefer higher than 36 degrees and less rain please!

Posted by Dan Bailey - 04/26/2012 10:15 AM

Totally deserving award. Chris is a great guy, and the Almanzo is a f***ing epic event.

Posted by Justin Schuetz - 04/26/2012 11:52 AM

Race fees were really starting to get me down. Enter Chris Skogen, with a FREE race that lingers in my mind far longer than anything I have ever paid to compete in. Thanks buddy for all your hard work, you deserve this award and countless more!

Posted by T.C. Worley - 04/26/2012 03:01 PM

Gravel races (FREE!) Rule!

Posted by Mary - 04/26/2012 08:05 PM

I am so proud of you Chris! YAY You! All of your work behind the scenes to bring the love of biking to a new Forefront. You should be pround man. :) Congrats.

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