Outdoors People sleep in the craziest of places...

Last week, for a project with Therm-a-Rest, we asked you to send in a picture and a one-sentence description of a place you’ve pitched a tent, a field where you’ve unrolled a sleeping bag, or the most dramatic place you’ve stopped to rest outside. We were stoked with all the entires. Here are some of our favorites. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Brad Abrahams -  El Altar in Parque Nacional Sangay, Ecuador.jpg

Epic! Winning submission goes to Brad Abrahams for his camp setup in Parque Nacional Sangay, Ecuador

tent slab.jpg

“While cycling around the Canary Islands, camping on volcanic Lanzarote was only possible in man-made structures like this water reservoir.” — Mateusz Emeschajmer

Dylan Hurst Lawley - New Years Day Campsite Ojai, CA.jpg

“As I woke up from a cold and windy night, I looked around to see the beautiful faces of my friends, all bundled up. Our impromptu adventure to Ojai, California, to celebrate New Years Eve had been wonderful. After a late night at the hot springs we found ourselves up a mountain laying beneath the shooting stars, in the early morning of the first day of 2013.” — Dylan Hurst

Stephen Komae - Seting up camp in Elephant Canyon, Canyonlands.jpg

Stephen Komae submitted this picture of Molly inflating her Therm-a-Rest ProLite in the beautiful Elephant Canyon of Canyonlands

Tajik National Park.jpg

“In Tajikistan, after a spectacular hiking day in a Tajik National Park, a local lady offered us to stay at her yurt-like tent — an incredible experience for all senses.” —Anna Poltorak

bivy el cap.jpg

Bivy on El Capitan. Photo by Matthew Combs

BILL SACKS - Relaxing on an Adirondack slab.jpg

Bill Sacks relaxing on an Adirondack rock slab

Lindsey Clark - Hammock morning in Moab.jpg

Lindsey Clark woke up to this view in her hammock in Moab, Utah

Justin McGregor - Lower Lyman Lake, North Cascades nap.jpg

Justin McGregor sent in this shot of his friend taking a nap in Lower Lyman Lake in the North Cascades

Jessie Rhodes - Mountain top slumber party.jpg

Jessie Rhodes and her friends having the ultimate mountaintop slumber party

David Hedberg - BWCA canoe nap.jpg

David Hedberg took a break from canoeing in the Boundary Waters (Minnesota) to watch the sun set

Jake Fergusen - Hammock in Grand Teton Ntl Park.jpg

Jake Fergusen sleeping and swaying in Grand Teton National Park

tent down.jpg

“Make sure you stake out your tent!” —Manny Acosta

Jim Mueller - Sleeping in a quinzee in Boundary Waters, MN.jpg

Jason Katonica took a snooze in his Quinzee in the Boundary Water Canoe Area, Minnesota. Photo by Jim Muller