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On the popular Discovery Channel series “Man vs. Wild,” Bear Grylls, a former United Kingdom Special Forces solider now turned TV star, documents efforts to survive and find a way back to civilization from deep wilderness around the globe. Central to many episodes, Grylls often wields a knife to build a shelter or fashion an implement for survival.

Bear Grylls and his namesake Gerber's ‘Ultimate Knife’

Bear Grylls and his namesake ‘Ultimate Knife’

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, a new product from Gerber, has two holes in its handle, allowing a user to lash it to a stake and create a spear. The end of the handle is textured and blunt, made for pounding. Integrated into the sheath, a small magnesium rod lets you draw the blade and strike metal to create hot sparks and start a fire.

Gerber pitches the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife as giving a “vital edge to any survivor.” Its market is fans of the TV show as well as hikers and hunters who want a good general knife that could also be a survival tool.

Bear Grylls Knife in its sheath

Ultimate Knife in its sheath

The knife comes to market this month for $60. It was designed in partnership with Bear Grylls. The company did not just slap his brand name on the blade. It has a solid build and some unique features to give that “vital edge” if you’re lost or stranded in the bush.

I tested the knife out over the last couple weeks. In the hand, the Bear knife is well balanced and feels stout. The handle has a grippy rubberized coat. It weighs about 9 ounces alone or just under a pound stored inside its plastic scarab and nylon sheath.

Features on the Ultimate Knife include a full-tang, stainless-steel blade. The blade is partially serrated for sawing through materials in the woods. Overall, it’s a simple tool — a big blade on a solid handle.

Bear Grylls Knife kit.jpg

Sheath includes sharpener and magnesium fire-starter stick

But the extra Bear-inspired features set it apart. There’s a small emergency whistle on the lanyard cord. The sheath and plastic scarab Velcro together. There’s a sharpening stone, the magnesium fire-starter stick, and land-to-air rescue instructions printed on the nylon sheath in case you need to communicate with a plane. The kit comes with a weatherproof survival guide that has Bear’s tips on how to make it in a worst-case scenario outdoors.

The Ultimate Knife is the first product in a line called Gerber’s Bear Grylls Survival Series. Beyond the big knife, the Bear products will include tools, additional knife models, and general survival gear available early next year.

—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of

Posted by Brian Green - 10/21/2010 10:01 AM

Wow! I wonder how all the people that spent upwards of $500 for the “other” Bear Grylls knife, that was made by the UK knife maker BayleyKnife, are going to feel now?

$60 for a well thought through Gerber knife isn’t bad at all, I particularly like that it has my initials (BG) on it too – thanks Bear!

Brian’s Blog

Posted by Tom Faranda - 10/21/2010 02:32 PM

The knife is very similar to the Gerber LMF II survival knife. People either love or hate the LMF II. Bear’s knife has a few bells and whistles the LMF does not have; and the sheath is different.

Posted by jpea - 10/21/2010 03:17 PM

As long as it’s sharp enough to cut through para-cord, then it’s good to go (somehow he always has parachute cord with him when dropped into his scenario – you know, for all those times I’ve parachuted into the wilderness and happened to get stuck)

Posted by josh - 10/21/2010 03:19 PM

any truly useful knife for bushcraft/survival does not have a serrated edge on the business end of the blade. a serrated edge has its many uses, of course, but fashioning tools, shelter, traps, etc., usually from wood, requires a standard, beveled edge. just my opinion.

Posted by George Sudarkoff - 10/21/2010 03:53 PM

I agree with josh about the serration. It might be useful if you need to skin and dress an animal or to cut a nylon strap, but not useful in a true survival scenario. My favorite knife for the outdoors is SOG SEAL Pup

Posted by James - 10/22/2010 04:13 AM

I cannot abide blades with serration. They are useful in the kitchen, occasionally, but out in the field they suck.

Posted by John Williams - 10/22/2010 09:48 AM

The writer did not state what he did with the knife in his review. What did you do and how did it perform?

Posted by Editor - 10/22/2010 09:59 AM

For the test, nothing extraordinary. We hacked branches, prepared food, sawed, and pounded on the handle. Propped it on a stick to make a spear. (There are a pair of small holes on the handle made for that purpose.) Used the magnesium fire-starter stick. Tested the sharpener. Carried the blade on a hike. Had it at the ready in case we needed to “survive.” :)

Posted by Mtnboy - 10/22/2010 11:42 AM

Kind of a waste of money to buy something because it’s named the Bear Grylls knife when Bear Grylls runs around in the (insert environment here) showing the sheeple the exact opposite of surviving. Seriously, he pisses all of my SAR buddies off, because idiot hikers think they can do what ever Bear Grylls “does”. I heard his crew does all kinds of things for him and he sleeps in hotels when he’s supposedly out in the middle of nowhere.

Posted by Rick - 10/22/2010 02:37 PM

I have a Buck 0119BKS-B Special that is probably just a good survival knife than any of them. Of course my ten years in the US Army, I rarely did any of the stuff Bear did! Lol!

Posted by HatMandu - 10/24/2010 09:14 PM

Looks like a decent knife and for the price has some OK features, BUT

1. Are the features themselves usable? Is the whistle going to get lost, is the sharpener good?

2. What kind of Stainless are you dealing with? There’s doing it well and doing it cheap.

3. What would this do that my good ol’ tough as a boot Emersons won’t do.

Ya see, I have a pocket sharpener, a loud ass Storm Whistle and a blast match already. Carry em every day as it is. What concerns me is that people who consider a “hike” walking across the grass at their office park will believe that if they have this, they have all they need. I hate things that mislead in that regard for the sake of hype.

Posted by AndieanaJones - 10/25/2010 04:58 PM

Don’t care for the Bear Grylls name and those blazing orange intials. Spray paint will take care of that. But, I’ve been looking for a good knife like this.

Posted by zach - 10/25/2010 09:43 PM

Bayley makes great stuff, I would prefer his knife. Too bad the web says BG is a fraud.

Posted by James - 10/26/2010 11:27 PM

I love this knife! I’ve posted some more pictures and stuff here. [blatant store link removed]

Posted by les - 10/31/2010 04:31 AM

alas no urine cup for those thirsty days…grylls dont no bear crap about survival

Posted by joeSAR - 11/14/2010 08:05 PM

Is that you Les Stroud? (les) HAHA! I prefer my nice simple Falkniven F1…in my opinion the best knife for the money…

Posted by Eugene - 11/17/2010 08:19 PM

This looks like a cheap knife to be honest. I don’t like serrated blades, they tend to split what you cut. Many times you need to use the knife holding the blade towards you (like carving), using the cutting edge close to the handle would mean less effort, doing a precise cut. If it is the 420HC steel of the LMF II, then it is kind of soft.
I don’t think you should sharp a knife in the wild, have it sharp. If it is dull, you will take a long time to make it some kind of sharp with that sharpener, and serrated knifes don’t sharp well. I don’t like the idea of bringing the knife close to the chest to blow a whistle, will you need both hands to do it safe? I would like to know if the type of plastic in the handle is similar to the one used nowadays in certain firearms (like the Glock), that have good impact and heat resistance. In another hand, I would like a knife like this to be full tang, and I guess it’s not. Just my opinion.

Posted by Devin - 12/01/2010 06:33 AM

The knife is full tang man.

Posted by john pinder - 12/07/2010 02:22 AM

If you Wernt interested you wouldn’t be looking at it. They arnt saying you could cut through a rock face with it. It’s merchandise, with bear fans as the target consumer. obviously there are better and worse knives, but that isn’t the point. You don’t buy a rc hummer and expect to tour Afghanistan.

Posted by Shappy - 12/07/2010 09:02 AM

The biggest disappointment with this knife is that, unlike most US made Gerber blades, this one is made in China.

That is how they were able to offer the features of this knife, pay Bear his cut and sell it for $60.

Posted by Eugene - 12/09/2010 09:20 PM

appears to be an overmolded handle, not full tang. Similar to the LMF II

Posted by marly - 12/18/2010 10:44 PM

he shoud take some of my JAMACAN BROWNIES YEA MAN

Posted by mtnrunner2 - 12/19/2010 02:43 PM

Shappy, thanks for posting the made in China info. I have nothing against foreign-made goods per se, if they are well-built. However, I’ve had bad luck with knives and tools from China, and won’t buy any more until they are better-made. At this point I won’t buy anything that isn’t high-strength US or German steel. Maybe Japanese, but I don’t see much from there.

Posted by rob peterson - 12/27/2010 09:52 PM

Canada makes the best high strength steel in the world

Posted by joey - 01/03/2011 04:04 AM

dont be a hater to bear please, i think hes cool and he has a lot of fans, there is no point in arguing if hes any good or not. its all opinion, no facts. personally i like the knife and for 60 bucks its got price point just right for me. bear makes it entertaining so just enjoy the show, survival shows are often dead boring if they take it too seriously, now who wants to watch that??

Posted by Jonathan - 01/11/2011 01:24 AM

I enjoy watching Man vs. Wild, even though some of the situations are planned out. I know the horses in the sierra Nevada episode were brought in but the point was to demonstrate what to do in that situation.

But I bought this knife since Gerber makes decent blades and I like the feel of it in my hand. It is not unlike the LMF II. It has a decent blade which will hold a decent edge. Personally, I like a serrated section of blade so that isn’t an issue for me. The fire rod works well, I haven’t tried the whistle, and the sharpener is adequate. But I make sure I sharpen my knives before hiking or camping. I like the features of the knife but the pommel is junk. The blade is full tang but the pommel is pinned to the handle and not the tang. It can come off under stress like pounding ur using the knife to chop. There is a newer version coming out in January or February that deals with this issue.

It’s a decent entry level survival knife for the price and I would hike with it. But I would still keep my SOG seal pup in my pack like I always do.

Posted by thegaphiker - 01/25/2011 01:44 PM

This knife -like bear whats his name are fake. while it looks preety it is just that-pretty. any experienced hiker can see it for the hype it is, all those features for sixty bucks? Really Are you that naive? for back yard campers its great but no-one who seriously backpackes knows good gear when they see it. And yes bear does often fake his stunts and sleeps in hotels-this documented fact. the show is just that-a show, do NOT count on any of his tecniques to save your life or u will come out in a body bag. who would be dumb enough to pole vault over a deep ravine in a real survival situation? Hard to live and walk with two broken legs or worse duh.

Posted by faris007 - 01/26/2011 03:47 PM

Bear Grylls is an authentic former British SF (SAS) soldier. He teaches basic to intermediate survival skills in a “controlled” situation which does involve little to some risk. The way I understand it, he does have a staff that supports him and does some staging of events so Bear can best demonstrate the survival situation and the way to get out of it! Now to the Knife: (a) it is a “souvenir” fan item (b) a Knife is a very personal thing, and one cannot compromise on the quality of a survival knife. © As a serving US Army soldier, I would ask the following questions about any knife: Will this knife work in a real-world survival situation? And, are you willing to stake your life on that fact? That said, I have nothing against Gerber knives, they are ubiquitously available in the US armed forces’ PX’s, i.e., the Gerber Multiplier (multitool) and the Gerber 06 Automatic knife were both issued to us on a recent deployment overseas. I have no idea whether Gerber uses Chinese steel or not! (Personally, I am a fan of D2 tool steel and 154CM which is an American invention and perhaps the best balance of steel.)I own Benchmade and Gerber knives, and they have worked well in the harshest of environments. I am a two-knife fan, and I carry a multitool. Only the Strider (D2) and the Severtech Spartan (which I lost in Iraq, and still in mourning) have stood up to any and all hard-use situations from prying open crates, cutting wire/metal, banging, prying and anything else I can think of!!! Hence, the two knife solution. But, then again, any knife that is calling itself a Ultimate Knife ought to pass all sorts of basic tests relating to hunting/skinning/lashing/cutting, etc. Just my three cents, for what its worth!

Posted by Rich - 01/31/2011 06:33 PM

It seems to me like people are going crazy over these knives. they are selling for as much as the Gerber Lmf II on ebay … It amazes me how people will be more attracted to fancy colors and a thirty cent plastic whistle, than they will be to a higher quality knife with better steel. We cant blame Bear…. the guy is getting old and if he can make tons of money by Whoring out his name more power to him. But buyer beware —- plain stainless steel is still plain stainless steel even if it says SURVIVAL on it!!!!! But when the blade breaks or worse yet a piece chips off and fly’s into your eye; because you are working a cheap knife like its a good knife, dont cry to bear or to Gerber. They will tell you a knife is for cutting only, and never use your knife as a bry bar or hammer

Posted by andrew t - 02/09/2011 10:47 AM

As far as i know the blade steel is 7cr17mov which in my experience works pretty well and takes an edge really easily…. oh yeah and the LMF 11 has a sandvik 12c27 blade, I think you’re confusing it with the LHR that has a 420HC blade eugene!!

Posted by nix - 02/11/2011 10:35 PM

Knife isn’t full tang, try to hammer anything of substance with the “hammer“and the handle breaks!! If they would have butted it against the tang of the knife blade I think it would be ok. Matter of fact there is one on ebay right now with a broken handle because of this flaw, should be recalled, Gerber will replace it free of cost though, give’em that.

Posted by brent - 02/16/2011 03:36 PM

can i have one of you knife or

Posted by Jimmy - 02/20/2011 12:53 PM

Don’t let the orange fool you. I started a fire, made some char cloth and knapped some flint with it. I also made a bow this is a great knife for TX.

Posted by Nikko Ferrara - 02/24/2011 09:23 AM

It’s truly a shame that Bear Grylls sold out for an imported crappy survival knife. If he were smart, he would have contacted ESEE and had them make him a badass survival blade

Posted by Joshua - 02/24/2011 02:43 PM

I have to agree with Nikko. This thing looks cheap. My ESEE – 5 on the other hand is an absolute tank. I wouldn’t think twice on trusting my life to that knife if it was a true survival situation. If you had to rely on this bear grylls “survival knife” you be in bad shape. Any knife that isn’t even full tang is worth its weight in horse poo.

Posted by Grizzly6679 - 03/25/2011 12:35 PM

Wow, there really are some sad people on here with nothing better to do then talk trash about someone whom they obviously are jealous of. The article is about the knife. Not Bear Grylls. I own several Gerber blades and am more then happy with all of them! I plan on adding this one to my collection. To you couch commandos who talk smack about Bear because he gets to travel the world while you sit on your couch eating chips and playing video games and telling your brain dead buddies how you are better then so and so, and how you can do anything better then Bear Grylls and people like him. Stop flapping your mouth, get off your moms couch and start your own survival show if your that damn good. You have missed the most important part of Man vs Wild. Bear obviously loves being out in the wild and anyone who can get paid to explore the wilderness for any reason I envy them. The man gets paid well to play in exotic places every day. The show has a disclaimer on ever episode that tells the viewer that Bear gets help and that the show is simple done to show a person what to do in a bad situation and they never claim otherwise. Not to mention the many people who have survived simply because they remember watching the show and using what they learned from Bear to survive. I personally don’t agree with everything he says and does, but I sure as hell am not going to talk bad about the man or run my mouth. When the next episode airs of Man vs Wild, my son and I are going to sit back and enjoy it and both talk about how much we wish we could be there. Get a life people. Look in the mirror before you point fingers at someone else!

Posted by Reality Based - 03/27/2011 08:39 PM

OK, tards…listen up. One, Have any of you trash talkers ever read the DISCLAIMER at the beginning of his show? How many of YOU are 22nd Rgt SAS? How many of YOU are French Foreign Legion qualified? How many of YOU have summitted Everest? How many of YOU have crossed arctic water in a RIB? SHUT UP. NONE of you have EVER done ANYTHING compared to this guy. His guts are DOCUMENTABLY made from iron. Don’t see any of you jerks with your own show, knife, clothing line, NOTHING…and that’s your problem. You are simply trash talking LOSERS. Get over it, go get a resume that matches BG’s and then come run your stupid mouth. I TEACH WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. One of the advanced courses I teach uses a sharpened HACKSAW BLADE as your ONLY knife. REAL survival pros MAKE their own knives. S screw your brand named kit. Be a man. Admit you have never done anything and came here to make yourself feel better about being lame abd untrained. A HACKSAW BLADE. Does that make it worthless? You jagoffs never have anything good to say, yet for all your kit…where are all of your show? Punks being punks. Nothing more. Go back to Call of Duty and be a hero there. Bear has done it, you have NOT. Plain as that. HooYah all you “operators” out there…bunch of tits…

Posted by Belial - 03/29/2011 05:05 PM

I would have to agree with reality based. I do own said knife I use it as a work multi purpose blade due to it’s strength by no means is this a cheaply made knife but any knife is worthless if you don’t know what your doing

Posted by Getting Ready - 03/31/2011 06:19 PM

Reality based gets it, and is completely right! Shut your jealous mouths and get off your butts!!!!

Posted by joss (australia) - 06/02/2011 01:36 AM

I agry with grizzly6679 and reality based. It’s about the knife not the greate man himself. I am 14 and whatI can’t understand is why you guys are picking on the pore fella?When I read all the comments, I wonderd, why pick on him just because your jelous? I mean come on!!! I have faith that I’ll meat that man one day! I don“t have the knife but I am getting it.Not to see if it’s good!!! I am getting it beause I know it’s greate!!!
it comes with 2 holes at the blade for lashing it to a branch to make a spere. I have studede every bit of it. Most of you wouldn’t have even read or sean what it does. I’ll tell you 1 thing about it! IT IS BETTER THAN EVERY MILITRY OR BATTLE KNIFE YOU’LL EVER KNOW COMBIND. I carry a small swiss pocket knife that I take camping and it does good for me. Knife’s don’t have to be big and expensive just to be good. They just have to be usful to the purson him/her self.

Posted by joss (australia) - 06/02/2011 01:41 AM

I can’t spell. LOL:)

Posted by Jane Austen - 06/13/2011 08:28 AM

My nephews have had the same basic Swiss army knife for as long as I can remember. I’ve been wanting to get my older nephew a new one. I have been looking at the Gerber knife as a possibility.

Posted by Zman - 06/17/2011 11:47 AM

Anyway to identify which Ultimate Knife has the pommel improved?

Posted by D - 06/25/2011 08:00 PM

My friend has this knife and he was very disappointed with it. For starters the sheath is horrid. The velcro wore out on his very quickly which you would think it should last longer than a couple of uses but hey whatever. A sheath shouldn’t be fraying after a couple of bush hikes!

The blade itself was good and held a fairly descent edge but the handle was another story. It feels descent at first but after using it for a little while we weren’t overly happy with it. Don’t listen to the people on here saying it’s full tang because its not. It is close to FT but really we are just splitting hairs on that because I don’t think that is going to hurt its performance that much unless your chopping down trees all day.

All it took was some minor use hacking/chopping small limbs off trees off and the handle basically broke/cracked/is loose.

I would not recommend the current model of this knife to anyone. I could live with one or two shortcomings for this knife set given the price range we are talking about but it has too many faults for me to buy it.

Posted by jp - 07/15/2011 12:47 PM

For all you haters,bear is the real deal! He hosts a TV show,he’s only demonstrating scenarios you may come across in the far as the knife goes,I own and use many knifes,and this one isn’t the best on the planet,but it is a great knife for the price,I have used it for months in the woods,without a problem. It has definitely earned its keep!

Posted by Joe - 08/08/2011 06:19 PM

I just bought the knife and I like it for the money. Of course many knives are better and equally many knives are worse. I also like the Bear Grylls show. Of course he’s making money off the knife and show, it’s called marketing and capitalism. As for it being made in china, I don’t like the idea but I can’t buy a pair of underwear not made in china these days. As long as the blade and handle operate under the conditions it claims it will I have no issue. I don’t plan on being in Afghanistan anytime soon and If I am I’ll ask a navy seal what knife to bring. Good Day, Joe.

Posted by Fred George - 09/25/2011 10:35 PM

For the money the Bear Grylls Ultimate is a great buy. To step up to the next level look at the Gerber LMF II or the Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver.
Gerber LMF

Posted by Scott - 11/16/2011 01:42 PM

I didn’t start out as a big Bear fan, and sure his crew does most of the work. But, his shows have a lot of viewers and he gets people curious and into the outdoors. That I am a fan of.

As for the knife, all the components of it do what the description says it does. It’s durable and versatile. I am not a big fan of the bright orange markings And I disconnected the whistle from the handle, but other than that it’s a great knife. I especially like the rubberized handle and pommel on the back end, very useful.

Posted by Dan - 12/30/2011 02:09 PM

I am not sure if I can bring myself to review this knife. It seems so gimmicky, but I guess that is what sells if you are trying to move volume in Wal-Mart. I know this knife is based off the classic LMF design, but it just doesn’t look as sturdy and I’ve seen videos of the handle cracking in half. I guess I’ll bite the bullet and check it out at some point – but by then the Bear Grylls craze would probably be over.

Dan @ BladeReviews

Posted by Elliot - 02/19/2012 06:59 AM

Received this knife yesterday sat 18th Feb and with in one day the sheath has split at both sides of the knife lock, the plastic around this area is weak and very thin. The knife itself is blunt and the sharpner on the rear of the sheath is useless. Save your money and buy some thing else. Have arranged to send this back to supplier for full refund.

Posted by Orange Jeep Dad - 03/11/2012 10:52 PM

Got two. Its at Amazon for $36 + free shipping.

link text 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

Posted by AndrewTheExile - 06/27/2012 11:42 PM

I know my knives. I used to make them, and have been steeped in the culture of knife making. In my opinion, this knife is not suited to real hiking and brushcraft. A hollow grind is not what I’d call ideal (FFG or at least some flat/convex is the way to go) and that steel… good lord. I wouldn’t feel safe using a POCKET CLIP made of that crap. For me, a good outdoors knife DEMANDS 1095, 5160, O-1, or D2. I get that not everyone wants to worry about rust, but if you can’t properly maintain a knife, you shouldn’t need it.
I know a guy who is so proud of his BG knife. I just let him talk while I carved over 60 feet of burlap out of a sod shelf with my KaBar 1211 only to have it emerge still sharp. And the 1211 costs the same. No contest.

Posted by P H - 07/12/2012 08:13 PM

How do you wear this? The sheath is too long for it I be worn on my waist with a belt…

Posted by livoutdoors - 08/09/2012 09:31 PM

Got this knife as a gift. It’s a knife, it’s a good knife, once more…….it’s a good knife. Stop analyzing it to death and just say if you like it or not. Yes or No it’s that simple.

Posted by fred - 09/16/2012 01:26 PM

i got this this knife for my birthday and its strong and i can easily start a fire with the knife and im 12 so it has it strenghts and weaknesses but over all its a good knife for hunting

Posted by Michael - 09/17/2012 09:53 AM

I got this knife yesterday and am quite pleased with it, i have two fults, 1. personally i don’t feel comfortable with the type of sharpener it comes with, i preffer the knife sharpeners like the ‘bear grylls feild shaprener’ were you hold them on a hard cerfice and just draw the knife back, but thats just me. 2. Theres is nothing to sharpen the seradded part of the knife, so i will be buying the ‘bear grylls feild sharpener’.

No affence to bear, i watching his shows all the time and think he has got balls of steal!…enough said.

Posted by Darkile - 12/05/2012 01:01 AM


Posted by Tim tripp - 12/29/2012 03:23 PM

I just bought this knife for $44.99 at a local Meijer store! I am a collecter of specialty knifes, Im not a fan and dont watch the show but I purchased the knife just to check it out.. It is overall a good tool. The sharpener is near useless but the sheath is nice. The blade came fairly dull in the package and the tip of the blade is not cut to a fine point. If you ever intend to use the “spear option” you will need to grind the tip down and re-sharpen the edge! Overall I give it a thumbs up for the current price! Dont pay more than $50.00,…..

Posted by The RealThing - 02/08/2013 10:06 PM

10 Years in the military and I can honestly say there is absolutely nothing wrong with the knife. If you sap suckers used it for what it is intended, you would not be so quick to find fault. I prefer a softer metal..not too soft due in part for rope work and parachord useage. Its perfect for the hiker who (he/she) may need that supple blade and nice belly to get underneath a project in the woods. I have no use for foul talk about Brother Bear. Knives are tools and like people everyone choses their friends. I chose Gerber and I’ve been well supported by thier products Overseas and at home. Makes a great ECO gift for my Hippie buddies that stayed in touch all these years. LOL.

Posted by jarad - 08/06/2013 11:29 PM

were is the knife made

Posted by kator - 02/15/2014 03:49 PM

I agree with reality based. Amazing how many “men” engage in gossip and slandering and then like 8 year old boast about their own fancy brand knives .

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