That's a bike jersey? Stealth cycling clothing from Giro

Giro may best be known for its bike helmets. But an apparel line launched this week, called New Road, got our attention for its sleek, subdued look.

The company teamed up with a designer, Alex Valdman, who has made clothing for places like The Gap and Kanye West’s Pastelle.

giro bikewear.jpg

Yes, this is a cycling shirt

Despite the hip-hop connection, you won’t find much flash in Valdman’s line. Instead, he said the apparel should “disappear when you are riding.”

Giro notes it made the New Road line, which is for men only, to reflect a “changing face of cycling” where bikers are comfortable at a destination as well as when they ride.

Translation: You won’t look like a Lycra weirdo halfway through a ride when you stop for a coffee or a bite to eat.

giro new road.jpg

There is an urban aesthetic in many New Road pieces

New Road also will work for commuters who want to ride to the office and work in the same clothing all day.

Along with the look, Giro touts performance from the clothing line. Merino wool is found in many pieces, including shirts and shorts. The brand incorporates tech fabrics, including Pertex Shield, for water resistance and breathability.

There are chamois-equipped bib undershorts made to be worn underneath looser-fitting wool knickers. Pockets on the wool jerseys are bolstered with “reinforcement tape” to keep them from sagging when stuffed with some gear.

In all, there are 14 New Road pieces online now. Made in the USA. Prices start at $85 for shirts and up past $200 for a jacket in the line.

—Stephen Regenold

new road clothing.jpg

Suited up in New Road from Giro

Posted by ccolagio - 03/04/2013 01:56 PM

does it upset anyone else that the rider in the “urban aesthetic” photo, going with Giros new prices, is wearing upwards of $800 to $900+ worth of cycling gear…just out of hand

Posted by XD XD - 04/10/2013 07:57 PM

Wash!!!! such high prices. I’d prefer to spend it on my bikes and still look like a “weirdo”

Posted by Brian - 04/29/2013 02:54 PM

absurd pricing on these things. It seems today all you need to do is say that this is something for cycling and automatically it is over $100. Stupid

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