Flexible, 'Soft-Shell' helmet debuts for snowsports

Hit my head once, shame on me. Hit it again, shame on me. . . again. But at least a new helmet design can take the blows over and over.

That’s the concept from Giro, who today announced the Combyn Helmet, the first “soft-shell” helmet in the snowsports industry.

flexible helmet.jpg

Combyn Helmet flexes in the hand, pops back to place

It is designed to take multiple impacts and still provide a high level of protection.

Cooler yet, the helmet flexes and bends under pressure and pops back to its original shape.

The helmet will be unveiled at the SIA show in Denver this week.

“We designed the new Combyn helmet for park and pipe riding where repeated impacts are the price of progression,” said Greg Shapleigh of Giro.

giro foam helmet.jpg

Looks like a regular hard hat, but takes repeated blows

The Combyn helmet uses a patent-pending liner made with foam to absorb impact. Two layers of foam are designed to take both “high and low energy shots” and, unlike traditional helmets, be soft and flexible yet durable.

The helmet features eight vents and a removable goggle retainer. It complies with CE EC 1077, a safety standard.

Cost will be $120 when the Combyn comes available in August.

—Sean McCoy

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Posted by mateo - 01/29/2013 05:52 PM

I’ve never liked the hard foam liners. They always seemed limited to a few hard hits. I’ve been snowboarding withy my skate Pro-tec (soft foam liner) for nearly 10 years. It lacks ear flaps and winter lining, but they make hats thin enough to wear inside a helmet. I’ll consider this Giro next time, but most likely, a new Pro-tec will replace the old one (for about 1/3rd Giro’s price).

Posted by Tim - 03/24/2013 04:39 PM

Great helmets available from Outdoorshopping.com

Posted by Tom - 06/27/2013 10:44 PM

Hasn’t Bern been making these in both summer and winter varieties for several years now under the “Hard Hat” line? I have a summer one and works like a charm. Less than $120 too ($60).

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