Hiking Petra: Desert Heights, Archaeological Sites

petra jordan hiking.jpg

You can’t help but feel a little “Indiana Jones” when hiking into Petra. The ancient city, carved out of sandstone walls in the desert of Jordan, is the stuff of adventure travel fantasy, a “wonder of the world”-type site that can make your jaw drop.

petra temple image.jpg

Sandstone was carved to make massive structures

I’m in Jordan for a week to test gear from Columbia Sportswear and other brands as well as hit up a few adventure sites.

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Today, my group set out to explore Petra, including a few miles (8 – 9 miles) of hiking, climbing small peaks in the park, and, of course, snooping into dozens of the world class ruins. Here are a few photos from the “Indiana Jones” action.

—Stephen Regenold

petra hiking.jpg

Structures carved into sandstone dwarf hikers at Petra

desert hiking Petra.jpg

Hiking the high desert on an alternative route into Petra

Petra Jordan.jpg

A few miles in we find this gem


Map of Petra

petra siq.jpg

petra treasury.jpg

Approaching the Treasury (a slot canyon funnels visitors to the site)

petra treasury image.jpg

The famous Treasury structure

Petra Jordan.jpg

On the trail in

at petra jordan.jpg

petra exploration.jpg

inside petra .jpg

Take a look inside…

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